Rated: R for adult language, violence, and strong sexual content.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Harold Ramis
Running Time: 1:35
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 12/28/03
Special Features:
Audio Commentary - 1. Harold Ramis - Director
Featurette - 1. Making of ANALYZE THAT
Trailers - 1. Original Theatrical Trailer
Interactive Features:
Games - 1. M.A.D.E.


"Analyze This" regardless of its critical acclaim has to be one of the most overrated unfunny movies to come out in years. Despite its large cast and top-notch direction and writing team, "Analyze That" is no exception from its predecessor. It's comprised of two elements: a sequel that is unnecessary, and a sequel that should have never been made. This sequel is composed of nearly every modern sequel's downfall: it doesn't provide new material to an original property, instead it recycles it as "Scream 2" did, and as "Jungle Book 2" did. So, watching this is like watching the first except the plot is different.

I'm very disappointed in Robert DeNiro for even agreeing to star in a film of this magnitude. Lately, the legend has failed to rake in a box-office or critically acclaimed hit, and this film brings him down a notch. He proceeds in this film in his character almost as if he know he's too good for this film, and he is. Billy Crystal doesn't survive the torment of the blunder of a screenplay which was comprised of three writers including director Harold Ramis. Instead of coming off as a mafia farce, this comes off almost as if its farcing a mafia farce. Confusing, I know, but try watching the film.

There's your usual sentiment of Italian American stereotypes that fail to register any genuine laughs. You have your basic array of Italian actors portraying the usual mobsters who all wear shiny suits and expensive jewelry. Sure, the basic idea is to spoof the mafia genre but it all comes off as lightweight and always seems to pull the punches when it comes to jaw dropping humor concerning the topic given as a central theme during the story of the film.

Many of the supporting cast aside from Crystal and DeNiro have nothing to do in the film unless they're given an occasional part here and there. Lisa Kudrow who reprises her role as the character Ben's wife is given only a bit part in the movie that does no justice to her talents as an actress, Anthony Lapaglia has a humorous role as an actor in a popular mafia show in the movie which is a good satire that should have been included in the film. A majority of Lapaglia's career consists of playing mobsters in film, including his great but unfortunately cut role as Al Capone from "The Road to Perdition".

Instead of including clever parodies which depend on past cast members career roles, it instead continues the running gag of including non-stop references to the mafia and poor sometimes offensive representations of Italians. The plot within itself is comprised of Paul Vitti looking for the people or person attempting to kill him and Crystal's character dodging potential beatings from the mafia and spouting one-liners that were probably rejected from the first draft script from the first film. Inevitably, by the climax of the film there's a certain lacking of satisfaction.

A terrible sequel to a terrible film that completely recycles material from the original movie and wastes every one of its stars in the process. Maybe I don't get the joke, but this just isn't a funny movie.



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