Rated: R for graphic violence.
Genre: Foreign Animated Science Fiction Fantasy Action Adventure Thriller
Directed By: Shinji Aramaki
Running Time: 1:45
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 10/24/06


Aramaki’s “Appleseed” has the distinction of being one of the better animated films I’ve ever seen simply because of its amazing animation and landscapes. For those who can find no true plot aspects, they can at least marvel at the beautiful animation. In essence, “Appleseed” is technically astounding with wonderful landscapes and creative mixing of mythology and technology. “Appleseed” should be seen for the marvels it accomplishes. I don’t know, I don’t like to watch an animated film feeling as if I’m actually watching a video game. I don’t like video games, and the sneaking suspicion that I’m watching a video game sequence drawn out into a two hour film really irks my gurken. “Appleseed” is basically all style and zero substance, and it’s a techno pop video game/music video.

I felt nothing while watching this, and I was hoping for the exact opposite of what I received. One-dimensional characters, forced drama, and an utterly rehashed plot are what make up a majority of “Appleseed,” and that’s a damn shame. “Appleseed” drags in between stand offs and robot fights, and that’s because the writers use the characterization as a clothesline for the action instead of attempting to engage us with the individuals we see on-screen.


And when there’s not action happening, we’re subjected to more of the same old cliché stock storylines: an oppressive government, robots galore, a main character who could be “the one,” and has a connection to someone who holds the key to the plot device, a sentient mystical force, grizzled soldiers, and a massive war, etc. It’s nothing new, thus I was pretty bored.

I really wish I could have liked this more. I had high expectations for “Appleseed” and it’s worth at least a watch from optimistic anime fans. But as far as being a mainstay in my short term memory, I don’t see it lasting very long. While the animation is phenomenal, the story has a very “Been there, done that” atmosphere




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