Rated: PG-13 for violence and adult language.
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy Thriller Action Adventure
Directed By: Roger Christian
Running Time: 1:58
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Special Features:
Audio Commentary - 1. Roger Christian - Director, Patrick Tatopoulos - Designer
Trailers - 1. Original Theatrical
2. TV Spots
Behind-the-Scenes - 1. John Travolta Makeup Test
Text/Photo Galleries:
Filmographies - 1. Cast & Crew

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There's really only one way to summarize my sheer hatred for what is possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. And it's through a list.

1. The lighting is incredibly amateur with darkness where it should be light, and light where is should be dark. It seems a monkey lit the entire movie and most of the time the director doesn't know how to set the mood.

2. The camera angles are disgusting and really really bad, we are subjected to this a lot.

3. The dialogue is horrible, amateur and very very dull.

4. Often in a movie we get camera cuts, fade-ins, fade-outs, and pans. But no, we get the same annoying camera fade over and over and over. This drove me really crazy.

5. The sound is horrible as well, we get a lot of silence with inappropriate moments and action scenes.

6. A doozy is the acting. Sheesh. We have a humongous star Like John Travolta who pulls in a badly acted and a w-a-a-a-y over the top performance as the main villain. It's incredible how badly he acts in this one. We have Barry Pepper who overacts at times and under-acts. His character is unlikable, obnoxious, and at times when he tries to be heroic is just plain annoying. Then we have Forest Whitaker who is grossly under-acted and underused. What really agitates me is he stars in a movie that is below his acting. Advice to Whitaker, star in better movies.  

7. We get poorly coordinated and sloppy stunts that seem like an old lady choreographed them.

8. The make-up effects for the aliens are horrible, amateur, and sloppy. They're supposed to be humongous and tall but we can clearly see they're walking in stilts (and not well).

9. The whole movie seemed like legends and excerpts from the 'Scientology' bible. We get symbols and lines from what seemed like theories from scientology. It seemed like the sci-fi masked that.

10. This is the final and most agitating aspect of the movie. It was almost two hours! So in conclusion, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen since, "Car 54, Where are you? The Mod Squad, and Water World." So help me god if another one of these is made I'm officially going to blow up the production company that made this. Travolta stay away from sci-fi forever.

One of the most putrid god-awful movies I have ever seen. Lo and behold, this is a true piece of tripe and Travolta plans on making more. Those damn Scientologists! Damn you Travolta and Cruise!



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