Rated: PG-13 for intense thematic material, sexual content and a scene of violence.
Genre: Biographical Romance Drama Thriller Suspense
Directed By: Ron Howard
Running Time: 2:15
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.


In the academy-award winning biography picture, John Nash played by Russell Crowe is a shy college student who is considered somewhat of a genius by his peers and a bit of a odd man. He soon gets recruited by a secret government agent (Ed Harris) to encode secret documents and codes for the rival government. He then meets Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) who falls in love with him. But soon, John begins to discover that things in his life aren't as they seem.

Finally, that academy decided to award Ron Howard with the best director Oscar at the awards and did he ever deserve it. What struck me the most about this movie is the incredible style in which Howard directs. He takes the audience on an incredible journey into the mind of this genius as he constantly mixes and intertwines incredible scenery and textures, making the entire movie seem like a mellow painting. Ron Howard is at his best here, giving us constant moods throughout the movie. When it wants to be light, it can be very light, and when it wants to be dark, it makes a smooth transition to the dark and grim moods without hesitation.

He gives us an incredible view into the mind of John Nash, who, out of the blue, creates these incredible mathematic equations out of designs from t-shirts, rays of light, and patterns of everyday life. He also tends to make an equation about dating at a scene with his friends in a bar. Russell Crowe gives an incredible performance as Nash, making a complete turn around in his character type. John is shy and very mild mannered, but when he is on the track of his equations, he's very passionate. Jennifer Connelly gives a dynamite performance as well, surprising me to a great extent as she gives Alicia incredible passion and sensuality while seeming vulnerable and loyal to John, despite the odds the two inevitably face.

This is a masterpiece with incredible aspects on all parts featuring excellent acting both by Crowe and Connelly along with top-notch directing on Ron Howard's part.




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