Rated: G
Genre: Kids/Family Animated Comedy Romance
Directed By: Phil Roman
Running Time: 25 Minutes
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 2/11/08
Special Features:
Extra episodes:

It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown, You're in Love, Charlie Brown


Linus: The amount of money that you spend on a present should be in direct proportion to the amount of affection that you have for that person.

I don’t know what’s worse about “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown,” the fact that it rivals “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in story and comedy, or that it’s probably one of the saddest young romance stories I’ve ever seen. “Be My Valentine” connects to me on a personal level particularly since Brown is the eternal shlub who just can’t get what he wants in life, even as a child. And this is speaking as someone who was Charlie Brown for about a good portion of his life. “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” comes at the peak of Valentine’s day with a restored and remastered deluxe edition perfect for the single folk who want to connect with Charlie, or for the couples who remember what heartache came with crushes that were never reciprocated.

Featured in the DVD are also two romantic follow-ups entitled It’s your First Kiss (1977) and You’re In Love (1967), which are also classic episodes but sadly not as great. Nonetheless, they’re pretty good lead ins from the more realistic and less sugar coated story of Charlie Brown’s desire to be needed. He just wants a godforsaken valentine from someone, and discovers that he may never get it. Though played for comedy, there’s an underlying sadness to Brown’s conundrum and you tend to feel very sympathetic toward his situation however minute it may seem.  

To us it’s child’s play, but for Charlie it’s his own verification that he may not be as important as he boasts in the opening. Meanwhile, Poor Linus has an utter infatuation for his teacher whose eloquence with words (mostly “wah wah wah, wah”!) leaves him crushing and eventually crushed, while Peppermint Patty just wants his attention on her the entire time. “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” is that quintessential love story for kids about kids with scenarios that are absolutely realistic, and yet… hopeful that sometimes we’re worth much more than we think. Simply, we don’t need Valentine’s to know that we’re loved, and the adorable ending really brings that home.

“You’re in Love” is an amusing and sweet tale of Charlie who finds a crush in the Little Red Haired Girl who he often fantasizes about and dares to confront and confess his feelings for her. “You’re in Love” is a little stale but nonetheless fun to watch as Charlie Brown realizes that the girl of his dreams may not be far off from his grasp. “It’s Your First Kiss” revolves around Charlie’s quest to win over the Little Red Haired Girl during a football game, which is interesting enough, but meanders from the actual point of the episode which makes this the lesser of the series. There’s also the featurette “Unlucky in Love: An Unrequited Love Story” a fifteen minute glimpse at the workings of Charlie Brown and the inevitable adaptation of the special “Be My Valentine.”

This is the perfect gift for that loved one whether it’s a wife, a girlfriend, or a child, “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” is a great DVD set with three fun episodes that remind us that Valentine and self-worth don’t go hand in hand.



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