Rated: PG-13 for adult language, and sexual situations.
Genre: Crime/Gangster Caper Comedy
Directed By: George Armitage
Running Time: 1:29
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 9/05/05
DVD Features:
Featurettes - 1. "THE BIG BOUNCE: A Con in the Making"
Outtakes - 1. "Wicked Waves: Stunt Surfer Outtakes"
Filmographies - 1. "Surfing the Pipeline: Surfing in the Aloha State"


"The Big Bounce" is a movie that thinks it has everything together, it goes about everything with a "we're so clever" attitude, but in the end I was thinking "What the hell did I just watch?" Because in the end, I couldn't tell you, nor could I get it. Not because it's an elaborate story, or has a lot of things going on, but simply because it's a whole lot of
nothing with nothing on the side. It's junk from start to finish where Owen Wilson plays himself for the thousandth time and fails to break out in to anything remotely original. What the hell is this? A heist film? A comedy? A Caper? I don't think even the writers to this remake knew, so they threw a whole lot of nothing our way.

This has the plot of something of a caper while trying awfully hard to be like "Get Shorty" with all these stars in different situations all leading up to the climax. Firstly, am I the only one sick and tired of seeing Owen Wilson play himself again and again in his films? Is this guy ever going to break out and play something but the snarky smart ass for once? As for the other stars of the film, they do nothing, serve no real purpose and are criminally wasted here. Morgan Freeman, and Bebe Neuwrith are under-used, Gary Sinise shows up for three scenes and Charlie Sheen is wasted as an antagonist. Meanwhile we waste seemingly endless minutes upon minutes focusing on the relationship with Wilson's character romancing Sara Foster's character who may or may not be crooked. Foster is immensely boring in this role and presents no charisma hardly being able to hold her own against the cast of heavyweights.

Meanwhile the film rambles on for so long, I was just insanely bored at it's sheer ability to include padding at every corner. We see the interplay between Wilson and Foster and it's about exciting as watching pain dry. Their dialogue is often very clunky and stupid, their relationship is dull, and I didn't give a crap about where they were going. As for the entire movie, there's one big giant lack of a pay off that we never expect. The film goes about itself in a haywire motion with so many sub-plots and themes and characters coming in and out of the story and in the end there's just zero pay off. You figure for a movie so intent on being "Get Shorty" it'd have an exciting climax much like it, but there's nothing here and it ends in such a haphazard sloppy fashion, I was just so disgusted. In the end, the only thing this succeeded in was wasting ninety minutes of my life I'll never get back and showed how a big budget can be so wasteful of its resources and talent.

This is really bad; the writers spend so much time with their tongue firmly in cheek, they forget to include a sensical story, good acting, and a plot that actually goes somewhere. It's ninety minutes of padding, gibberish and dull relationships that I didn't care about. Was the original this bad?



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