Rated: R for graphic violence, graphic language, and sexual content.
Genre: Action Fantasy Horror Western
Directed By: Uwe Boll
Running Time: 1:35
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 9/21/07

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When all was said and done, I left “Bloodrayne” basically untarnished. Sure, it was nonsensical, ridiculous, has plot holes, and scenes that are just stifling in stupidity, but it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen. When you compare it to “House of the Dead,” or “Alone in the Dark,” it’s simply not the worst movie Uwe Boll has ever directed. The man’s crap factor just decreases with every movie. And yes, you may groan or just furrow a brow at that declaration, but it’s true. Boll is a fun guy to have in our film industry; he’s delusional, moronic, and a clown, but shit, it’s just much more entertaining with him around. “Bloodrayne 2” was, I think many can agree, unnecessary. It was pointless, redundant, and I think the first film really didn’t leave many people wondering “What happens to Rayne next?” No one really cared. Rayne is a boring character. She’s just a juxtaposition of Vampirella and Lara Croft, and nothing more. So it’s not too surprising Boll would be attracted to her.

Rayne leaves a lot of room for a hack like Boll to use to his advantage, period. Interestingly enough, Kristanna Loken opted out of this sequel, and in comes Natassia Malthe, a woman I’ve never heard of, but is really just adequate as Rayne. Loken wasn’t Meryl Streep to begin with, and Malthe really doesn’t have her work cut out for her, so we’re easily forgetful about Loken, even with Loken bearing all in the first film. “Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance” is the further adventures of Rayne who has lived through time and experienced a lot of baddies. This time Boll sets down on the old West. This time instead of a medieval wench turned warrior, she’s just an Eastwood groupie pulling off the best “Stranger” imitation she can. All together now: This movie sucks. Yes, it does. I wish I could say this was a step up, but Boll’s sequel is so poorly made it was embarrassing. What else is new? The direction here is his worst yet as he’s completely out of his genre element and has no idea how to stage a scene.

The camera is often shaky, and he relies on every single genre cliché in the book to convince us that yes, this is the old West. As usual, Boll doesn’t seek to re-invent the wheel, he just wants to get his story across as much as he can. Malthe is really no better or worse than Loken, aside from having a better body. She’s stiff and often cardboard and can never embody this character in the least. She’s gorgeous in black cowboy attire, but beyond that, she’s given terrible dialogue that delivers like a re-enactment at a fan convention.  

Boll also makes great use of the same set pieces over and over. We see the same chunk of snow covered woods for the entire film, the same stretch of town except shot in different angles, and barely any of the wide scopes and landscapes that Boll benefited from in the previous installment. The problem with “Bloodrayne 2” is not so much that it’s really bad, but that it’s boring. I was bored to tears, and I found myself zoning out every other minute, even in the face of Malthe who isn’t that bad to look at. Boll couldn’t convince Malthe to bear all, word is, but he does everything in his power to come close to that. He features Malthe as a prostitute, conveniently covered in a sheet, and basically moaning in orgasmic glee at the taste of blood.

And for further proof of Boll’s shortsightedness, we never gain a deeper sense of Rayne’s life and her ability to be immortal. What is life like for her? Who is she really? Who knows? Boll just wants a fighting doll, and that’s what he gives us. Billy the Kid is a vicious vampire who is kidnapping children to use as feeding units until a larger scale plan of blood shed is introduced, and it gets pretty nonsensical from there. The fact it took three people to write up what is basically an amalgam of Western clichés, obligatory character archetypes, and recycled lines from the previous film is absolutely daunting. Meanwhile, Boll really does vie for the John Woo wannabe trophy holder as most of his gunfights are fitted in “sleek” slow motion capture with bullets blasting our characters into walls or doors. The effect is lost, by the way.

“Bloodrayne” is just as stale as ever, and this sequel really does nothing to develop the mythos. It’s not a step up, nor a step down, it’s still just frozen as an abysmal sequel to an equally abysmal movie.




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