Rated: R for violence, language, sexuality and drug use.
Genre: Supernatural thriller
Directed By: Joe Berlinger
Running Time:
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date:
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary - 1. Joe Belinger - Director, Carter Burwell - Composer
DVD-ROM Features:
CD Soundtrack


Now I never do this but I felt that I had to put the two reviews together. Now, hmm...there's some good to this despite of the films creators selling out and the constant bashing from critics. Yeah I said it. So what? The good thing about this film is it's a very huge head trip. I'm telling you folks, it's weird. It's a very weird movie. The plus sides to this are the violence, which is often not a good sign in horror movies though modern audiences adore it. The violence doesn't rear its ugly head until the end.

This was actually beautifully made, the editing is a bit choppy but the camera action is great. This doesn't provide much suspense yet it leaves you with your jaw hanging out from beginning to end. It freaked me out. Especially the end which I won't give away for the uninitiated. This is not a classic I admit, but another great thing is it doesn't connect with the first movie, yet it says throughout the whole movie, "The Blair Witch Project" was just a movie and popular, this is real life. The whole reason why the kids go into the woods is because of the first one because they loved the movie so much. It provides alot of amazing twists and turns at once. This movie illustrates the often blurry and always terrifying line between truth and fiction.

This isn't a perfect movie folks, despite the good. The twists and turns leave the audience out in the cold often with them saying "Huh?" The acting is bad sometimes but pays off in the end; the violence was not really needed and the characters are s-o-o-o uninteresting that why do you need to care about them? The dialogue is bitter and utterly atrocious, there were bad lines spouted out one after another and it made me wrench. I felt this would've been better with better actors, and a better screenwriter. Another factor was the attempts to scare people. Often it seemed too labored for the audiences. This was not a masterpiece, people.

Love it or hate It, I got a real kick out of "Book Of Shadows", "Razzies" or No "Razzies".