Rated: G
Genre: Animated Kids/Family Comedy Adventure Science Fiction
Directed By: Mark Dindal
Running Time: 1:20
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 3/12/07
Special Features:
Deleted scenes with 3 alternate openings
Hatching Chicken Little: A 'making of' featurette
'Where's Fish?' interactive game
The Cheetah Girls music video
Barenaked Ladies music video
Karaoke sing along


For five to ten year olds, I can surely see “Chicken Little” entertaining them and drawing them into fits of giggles and smiles. But, anyone over that age bracket, and it will get shaky. My nephew loves it, and he’s five. But I assure you that’s not the reason for the generous sentiment. I mean in spite of the lacking of Pixar from this Disney cash cow, “Chicken Little” has appeal. Not just because it has a lot of cute animals, but because the animation is hilarious. There are plenty of great sight gags that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and didn’t rely on the dialogue completely. The “Fish out of water” character alone verifies the pretty sharp humor. I giggled a few times, I'll admit, but perhaps that’s because with animation I’m pretty easy to please. Granted, “Home on the Range” and “Shark Tale” were pure swill, but in spite of that, "Chicken Little" is a pleasing film for the first half.

“Shrek” was a real black cloud on animated films, and it continues to be an irritating framework for further animated entries into film. “Chicken Little” adheres to the formula of “Shrek” with a world filled with pop culture references. Hell, the writers even feel as if they have to turn “Chicken Little” into a quasi-“War of the Worlds” in the second half. And it ends up becoming a cheap retread in the end. But it’s not entirely surprising considering the film tends to meander over and over again. The writers can never seem to understand the plot to their own film, so they jump from central plot to central plot leaving “Chicken Little” to feel utterly disjointed and hackneyed.

First, Chicken Little is trying to overcome his mistake in confusing a street sign as the sky falling, then he joins a baseball team trying to prove himself, then he suddenly wants to prove he can play by winning the champion, and suddenly we revert to the alien plot involving the street sign that’s not a street sign, and weak climax involving the alien’s intentions which happen to parallel Chicken Little’s situation with his father.  

It’s this type of predictable tripe you’d expect from Disney, and “Chicken Little” never achieves its potential. That can be because the plot for the real Chicken Little is one note. He thinks the sky is falling, when it’s not. But they felt they had to expand on this ending in a weak film with numerous plots.

“Chicken Little” is a bland byproduct of too many cooks in the kitchen, with not enough ideas on how to bring their different sub-plots together into a cohesive entertaining film for kids.



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