Rated: PG-13 for violence, brief sexuality and language.
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Directed By: Harold Becker
Running Time: 1:43
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
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In the movie a divorced father (John Travolta  Grease, Battlefield: Earth) helps his son adjust to his new stepfather, only to discover that his son's new stepfather is a psycho who is threatening his life after witnessing him commit murder. Now the stepfather must save his family's life. I found John Travolta to be very convincing as the devoted father who will stop at nothing to save his son from this madman he is living with. I thought the dramatic tension and suspense builds up well leaving for a great movie. Vince Vaughn seems to easily portray the millionaire/ psycho to a tee. Perhaps the best performance in this movie would be Steve Buscemi's short but supporting role as a Ray Coleman, the key to the stepfather's shady past. All in all a good dark thriller with some spunk to it and powerful performances.

This movie has good intentions in becoming a great thriller but the execution is less than perfect. The movie is too short. At a running time of simply an hour and twenty-one minutes, the story speeds through and never leaves times for suspense and tension to build. I felt if the moviemakers had added a half hour to this, there would've been some great stuff. Sure, we get the idea that Vince Vaughn is a psycho and that Travolta is a devoted father, but there is little room in this movie for us to weed out the characters we like. Besides, the movie's entire logic is just ridiculous. One point in the movie that made me annoyed and angry was when Travolta is in the midst of exposing Vaughn's real identity and discovering the identity of his business partner Ray Coleman whom he had killer earlier. How does he find him? Easy, he asks a prostitute who Ray had been with earlier which team he voted for in basketball (Coleman being a basketball fan), then bang, boom, he tracks him down on the computer and finds his identity. The entire quest was so ridiculous and easy that it aggravated me. I felt this movie lacked of any real depth or suspense. Too bad. It had potential.

A sloppy and flawed thriller which could have been a good movie if not suffering from it's flaws and plotholes.