Rated: PG-13 for sci-fi action violence.
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy Action Adventure Thriller
Directed By: Sakakibara Motonori, Hironobu Sakaguchi
Running Time: 1:53
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date:
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary- 1. Motonori Sakakibara- Co-Director, Hiroyuki Hayashida- Sequence Supervisor, Tatsuro Maruyama- sets and props lead artist, Takao Noguchi- Phantom Supervisor
2. Andy Jones- Animation director, Chris S. Capp- Editor, Tani
Kunitake- Staging Director
Isolated Score with commentary by composer Elliot Goldenthal
Storyboard/Playblast selects of the film with optional filmmaker commentary or subtitled factoids
Scene Selection with motion images
Text/Photo Galleries:
Production Notes


This mixes mysticism, sci-fi, with a great all-star cast and phenomenal computer animation. Earth as we know it is basically a dust hole, and aliens have inhabited the entire earth. Transparent aliens that suck the souls from human beings. There's this army called "Deep Eyes" that eliminate the aliens. Now there's this female scientist played by Ming-Na (ER) who is trying to find a deeper source behind the aliens. But there are antagonists who dispute the scientist's theories that the aliens are misunderstood. Soon, the scientists and rebel soldiers (Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Peri Gilpin, and Alec Baldwin) are determined to discover an inside source within the aliens. It seems they're not aliens at all, but spirits of dead aliens who are confused and scared.

What a stomping good time, eh?! Now, the animation is beyond this world. I mean, what animators can do these days with polygons and computers is unbelievable. I can't describe the animation here, because anything I say is just an understatement. The detail is so meticulous from the huge incredible landscapes right down to the follicles in the characters' hair. I couldn't believe it. At times I forgot that they were even cartoons with their fluid and seamless movements as they crashed through windows and shot blaster guns off. The plot is so sophisticated with its religious theories and mystic undertones.

The characters chemistry is so good and they play off each other well. I was hoping there wouldn't be a character or robot as comic relief, and I got lucky. There was none. This was straight up sci-fi folks. There's one scene in the end where we see a bald eagle hovering over a rocky mountain landscape that is just incredible.

Eh, let's put aside the animation for a second folks, and realize without it, it's just another sci-fi flick without any pep. This is so artificial and lifeless. The characters don't convey any emotion even resembling human characteristics and there's no spunk. The plot dr-a-a-a-a-a-gs so much and there's barely any action. The character Aki is so one -dimensional and uninteresting that I never really cared if she lived or died. Even in animation, Steve Buscemi just tends to steal the movie. This guy is too good, which is a shame because it's a bad sign when the supporting cast members are more interesting than the actual stars. This never goes beyond much and doesn't have much of an undertone or message. It's just slow.

If you took out the animation and put in real actors, you wouldn't have much of a sci-fi flick. Despite the utterly amazing animation and exciting action, this is nothing like its source material and is very disappointing in the end.



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