Rated: Not Rated
Genre: Comedy Romance
Directed By: Gary King
Running Time: 19 Minutes
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 4/08/06


Imagine if the guys from "Ocean's Eleven" assembled to enter in to speed dating. Well, that's pretty much what sums up the plot for "Hubris" except there's a twist to it. A group of men enter in to a speed dating course, and all decide to meet women just to find the right one and weed them out for their friend Barry, a loser just looking for love and not only sex. King's approach to the speed dating concept and its utter possibilities for comedy really does come to fruition here. We're never sure what in the name of god these guys are doing during these one on one meetings with these gorgeous women, but halfway into the film, we're aware of the plan is. Halfway through, as the men throw back and forth questions to the sexy women getting to know them we begin to wonder, are the guys playing the women, or are the women playing the guys?

"Hubris" is a further clever examination of the grueling practice of dating and the everlasting war between man and woman, the eternal struggle of the sexes locked in battle. "Hubris" is without a doubt a really weird comedy, but it's also a really weird funny comedy that works as a twisted romance, and quite possibly the anti-romance for anyone sick of dating. And it also shows how ego and deception can get you in to some rather hot water if you're not careful. King's direction is very good for a basic short film with a bright and sleek nuance, and style to it. The performances are great all around including by Jeremy Koerner who chews the scenery with great comedic timing, and King makes good use of the standard narration by using it less as a tool and more as a free plot device which only enhances the comedic tone of what ensues.

Director Gary King's tale of the woes of dating the potential weird implications for telling lies is a very funny story with great acting, a hilarious script, and a true message that should resonate to anyone on the dating scene: you either play the game right, or you'll get knocked off the field.

  • Based on a true story. Really? Cool.
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