Rated: Unrated
Genre: Crime Comedy
Directed By: Jakob Balinski
Running Time: 29 Minutes
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 6/27/07

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"If a mime would shoot somebody, wouldn’t he use a silencer?"

I guess you could say that this is based on a true story, but then it’s so absurd I truly had a hard time believing. So, I’ll take Balinski’s word for it, in the end. Based on a true story, a young man who poses as a mime goes walking in the park one night, and proceeds to mime killing a passerby. He’s then chased, beaten and put on trial for murder. I can imagine the original proceedings (if there were any) didn’t really go this way, but “Mime” seems as more a lampooning of the proceedings with a clown as one of the jurors, and our lawyers insisting that the victim not speak since he’s technically dead.

During many instances, “Mime” made me laugh, and that’s due to Joe Grace’s comedy timing as Binky the mime. He does nothing but make gestures, and commit to hilarious physical comedy throughout the trial, and he had me constantly giggling without any hesitation. “Mime” knows the premise is utterly silly, and it takes advantage of that on many such occasions, and the delivery of it works.  

Unfortunately, “Mime” is hardly a complete win for Bilinski. At times, “Mime” comes off very forced, and much of the comedy can smack of desperation. I couldn’t really force a laughter from the judge trying to mediate the proceedings, nor could I really understand the sight gags of the mannequin or the tranny juror. And much of the trial jokes just fall flat; the “You Can’t Handle the Truth” line I saw coming miles away. “Mime” is really not as funny as it has the potential to be, and it can often times replace humor for goofiness, and that’s not always a formula for success.

In the end, “Mime” will just have to settle for being good and good only. It’s not a great film, with forced comedy, and gags that are really too obvious, but it drew many chuckles from me, and for that, it gets an A for effort.



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