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Rated: G
Genre: Romance Comedy
Directed By: Gary David Goldberg
Running Time: 1:38
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 7/13/06
DVD Features:



So, we’re supposed to believe Diane Lane is having trouble finding a man. And we’re supposed to believe that Diane Lane would date nothing but nut jobs. And we’re supposed to believe someone as ripe as she would have trouble finding any kind of man. And we’re supposed to do this with a straight face. Am I the only one who finds that wrong? Furthermore we have to believe John Cusack is going through the same deal. Hey, I’m not gay, but come on, are we really supposed to buy Cusack, of all people, can’t find a girl? “Must Love Dogs” is what Hollywood is all about. Good looking people asking us to believe that they can’t find someone in their lives. Right.

And most of all it follows the same formula. Woman finding man, man finding woman, woman stumbles through oddballs, woman crashes into man, they hate one another, they discover they like one another, there are typical obstacles, and the rest is history. “Must Love Dogs” is possibly one of the most artificial and disingenuous romance comedies I’ve seen (seconded only by “Failure to Launch”) particularly when it poses as one of the most blatant of product placements since “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”. It’s sad how films like these are publicized as “the” romance comedy to come out in years since it sports big stars, walk on’s from the likes of Christopher Plummer and Stockard Channing, and a fluffy storyline, yet around the same time, there stood a film named “Before Sunset” that was basically one of the best romances to come along in years that was hardly even mentioned or known in the general public.

“Must Love Dogs” is proof positive that it’s extremely tough to find any watchable romance comedies, and this was quite possibly one of the stupidest. And then there’s the basic obstacles of “the other person” which complicates our love story for only a little while until we’re back into our secure world where everything turns out as it should, during this obvious plot progression, there are also dumb gags like Channing's character meeting up with her internet suitor who happens to be a teenager, and Lane's character accidentally meeting her father for a date thanks to the online dating which defies logic since it's clearly noted that she posted her picture in her profile. If anyone ever said “I hope they get together” during any point of this, I’d really have to kick them into a freeway during rush hour.

Big stars do not a good movie make. “Must Love Dogs” is a stupid two hour product placement posing as a vapid and utterly stupid romance comedy about two pretty people who must fall in love because it’s what we want. We want to see gorgeous people falling in love, because it’s realistic. Right? Is this entertainment? No. It’s a waste of talent, though.



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