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Rated: R for adult language, violence, and strong sexual content.
Genre: Comedy Romance
Directed By: Farrelly Brothers
Running Time: 2:08
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date: 2/13/05
Special Features:
Audio Commentaries - 1. Peter and Bobby Farrelly - Directors
Featurettes - 1. "It's Funny: The Farrelly Formula"
2. "Bringing STUCK ON YOU to the Screen"
3. "The Makeup Effects of STUCK ON YOU"
Deleted Scenes (8)
Bloopers Reel
Trailers - 1. Theatrical Trailer
2. Teaser Trailer
3. Cross Promotional Trailers (MAN ON FIRE, DAY AFTER TOMORROW)



The Farrelly brothers have become synonymous with over the top humor and outrageous leaps beyond limits and seamless taboos, and after approaching incest, split personality disorders, masturbation, and combing your hair with feces, they now approach conjoined twins, yet another taboo in society that is politically incorrect if approached wrong, however the Farrelly Brothers do it right. Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt are conjoined twins unable to separate, so they live with it, not as a curse but as an advantage gaining popularity in their home town and owning a fast food restaurant.

Now Walt (Greg Kinnear) has aspirations to become the next big acting sensation. Now Bob and Walt pick up where they left off and head to Hollywood searching for a new life, but now, for the first time, their-- conjoinment (I made up a word) has become a curse. I wanted to see this since it came out. I'm not usually attracted to dumb concepts such as this but I was curious, and Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are on my cool list of favorite actors so I put up hope. "Stuck on you" dares to defy political correct-ness and just approaches these men as characters rather than caricatures. 

They're individuals, and along the way there is a lot of laugh out loud comedy depending upon their deformity. The Farrelly Brothers do taboo without making it offensive; it's often over the top as this is, but they know how to do it and make it funny. There's an incredible emphasis on relationships here, and there's plenty of them the Farrelly brothers draw on including the relationships of the brother's ailment and people on the outside. The delectable--delicious--beautiful Eva Mendes plays April, the bubbly actress in training who just sees the conjoinment (there it goes again) between the two brothers as merely a character trait, her reaction is brief and passive, then there's bob's long distance relationship with the girl he's never met in real life, May played by Wen Yann Shih whose never seen Bob up close and is on her way to realizing they're connected to each other.

The Farrelly brothers have a hilarious gag during the film in which Bob and Walt attempt to hide their conjoinment from her with sly ways of doing so that is hilarious to see, one even includes a gigantic teddy bear. The Farrelly brothers never go over the limit to their offensive material; they just do enough of it to make you cringe (which you will), and then pull back. They're tasteful about it though never tame. Though very funny. This is a very funny movie, especially the exchanges between Bob and Walt; despite their “Dumb and Dumber” haircuts between the two, when they argue it's funny too because they can't walk off and give each other the cold shoulder, and they're always fist fighting.

The film comes across as uneasily charming despite its mean-spirited façade, as the two leads have great chemistry together and with their romantic co-stars. Damon and Kinnear are completely opposite so its interesting watch them cooperate in their symbiotic relationship. Though a lot of it may seem over the top and offensive, it ends up becoming endearing and tender by the second half as more of the comedic portrait of two men attached to the waist. Come to think of it, I'd preferred a comedy than some melodramatic bullshit about conjoined twins. It never takes itself seriously, much like the charming “Bubble Boy”, and anyone who finds it offensive, takes themselves too seriously.

The funny is toned down to make way for a tender story, and Mendes is hardly focused on, but this is a surprisingly good comedy with good comedic performances from Damon and Kinnear who have good chemistry.



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