Rated: R for strong sexual content and language.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Directed By: Roger Kumble
Running Time: 1:24
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date:
DVD Features:
Audio commentary by director Roger Kumble and cast
"Politically Erect" behind the scenes on The Sweetest Thing
"A Day in the Life of Nancy M. Pimental"
Storyboard comparisons
Deleted scenes
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(Leaves a bad taste)


The only reason I decided to watch this film was Cameron Diaz, because of the fact that every movie she's in, she plays a likeable character. She's likeable even in the putrid "Charlie's Angels". So, in the movie her character is very loveable and charming while being sexy and seductive. The rest of the supporting cast is very good and enjoyable characters; especially Selma Blair who, though under-used, is a very funny and corky character.

The problem with this is that, the movie plays out into a row of constant painfully unfunny and unrelated comedy skits starring all the characters. It's becomes an idea of rather than becoming a whole movie. At one point they even have a wacky sequence where they try on various outfits set to music in the back ground! The movie never seems whole, within itself, yet looks like the writer tacked on these "funny" moments in the movie, never really sure where any of it should go. There's nothing in this movie that even resembles a plot to begin with. A lot of the jokes serve as a clothesline for the paper thin plot. Each one of the actors stumble about in the movie, not really having anything to do; most notably Selma Blair who's barely in the movie and, once again, performs in completely unrelated scenes that seem so ridiculous and far-fetched, all plausibility and believability is thrown out the window. Thomas Jane looks bored in this movie, never really reacting a whole lot or seeming to care.

When he doesn't care about his character, we don't care. Cameron Diaz tries really hard to pull off comedy and slapstick, but fails miserably, often seeming either goofy or just plain boneheaded. She displays some of her curves to draw in the guys, but to me, it was only a ruse to attract the male viewing audience (I would know, it attracted me). Hell, even the trailers are crafted to show nothing but the body parts of the female cast. We see Christina Applegate being fondled by girls in a girls room asking how natural breasts feel, we see Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in her bathing suits in a car, we see the girls in a club with skimp clothing, and it's so pathetic.

The dialogue is putrid, often comprised of annoying and trite sex jokes and situations, never seeming true or pure. The movie's climax is terrible and unsatisfying leaving a terrible taste in your mouth. The filmmaker and screenwriter have a chance to completely throw us a curve ball ending and at least be original, but they inevitably end up taking the easy and safe way out, making it formulaic and just so darn ridiculous.

In the end, no matter how hard Cameron Diaz and the rest of the cast try, all the jokes fall flat and the movie is just awful.