Rated: PG-13 for thematic elements, drug and sexual content.
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy and Action/Adventure
Directed By: James Wong
Running Time: 1:36
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
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Audio Commentary - 1. James Wong - Director/ Co-Screenwriter
Featurette - 1. JET LI IS ONE
Animatic Comparison - RE-SHOOT
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In the future we would have mastered the art of traveling to alternate realities where we are the same person but different personas with different lives. A different persona of Gabe Law is the evil Gabriel Yulaw, a man who has discovered that if you kill off yourself in the different reality, you absorb their life force and become more powerful. Now, he is intent on killing every one of his persona's and become the most powerful being in the universe, he will become the only being, he will become "The One". Now he is on a mission to destroy the last persona of his kind, a mild-mannered policeman named Gabe who must fight his powerful twin and keep him from murdering everyone he loves and prevent his twin from becoming all powerful.
    Jet Li is an incredible martial- artist but so far he's managed to disappoint me in every way shape and form imaginable. I sometimes wonder if he is really the martial-artist he says he is because every movie he makes, he uses wires and computers to increase the scenes which often becomes redundant and goofy. The only two movies that I like from him are "Lethal Weapon 4" which he was great in and "Kiss of the Dragon" possibly the best action movie I've seen in years. Li is adamant in his role and tolerable performing the usual silent warrior schtick but he pulls it off with finesse. He gives great personality switches throughout the film and keeps me entertained throughout the entire story. Carla Gugino (Spy Kids) is a good supporting character often standing around and providing the damsel in distress role as Yulaw's wife. Jason Statham (The Transporter, Snatch) is the best character in here acting as the hunter for Yulaw but he is under-used which I wasn't fond of. I'm a big fan of his and he has great potential to be a good action star. The action scenes are pretty cool especially the scenes where the soldiers are falling in slow motion. I also loved the climax with Li standing at the top of the podium, it's a very impressive scene.

The movie is bland and for a movie which had such an original idea, such cool action, and great action stars like Jason Statham, which I'm a fan of, and Jet Li, the movie is bland. The movie seems very much targeted at fourteen year old boys with its cartoon fight scenes and tame violence. Often times the movie is w-a-a-ay too colorful for a science fiction film and becomes comedic at certain points. For example, when Yulaw kills Lindo's character, later on when Statham is in the alternate reality, he meets the same character as a gas station attendant. Yawn! The romance between Li and Gugino is very far-fetched and lacked any chemistry to keep me interested. The fight scenes are very pedestrian and lack any originality; often times the fight scenes relied heavily on computers prompting you to remember "The Matrix" rather than enjoy what you're seeing before your eyes. I was never impressed which helped this movie suffer greatly.

This is an interesting and enjoyable popcorn flick that will kill a good hour and a half. Don't expect a masterpiece but it will keep you entertained.