Rated: PG for sexual content
Genre: Comedy Drama
Directed By: Maria Ripoll
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Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
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 In the movie, Hector Elizondo (The taking of Pelham 123) plays a master chef and middle-aged father who must deal with his three adult daughters. One is a conservative devout christian who has trouble meeting men (Elizabeth Pena  La Bamba), one is a self-involved businesswoman who is very promiscuous and seeks approval from her father (Jacqueline Obradors  NYPD Blue), and the youngest is a free-spirited flirt who seeks attention from her siblings (Nikolai Kinski).
    This is a good film. In this we get to see the heart and soul of many hispanic families and what we mean. The character development is excellent in here, especially that of Elizondo's who gives off an excellent performance in this. The plot is very quirky and funny with often great dialogue and performances. The daughters have great chemistry with each other and we actually tend to give a damn what happens to them. Some of the many plot points were great in here and hilarious; for example, whenever one of the daughters would bring home a boyfriend, Elizondo's character would cook a huge meal, and if the boyfriends liked the meal, he would instantly accept them into the family. I found that to be very funny, because that's how some hispanic families work.

Unfortunately, the problem with this is, I've seen this type of movies
s-o-o-o many times that I pretty much guessed what would happen. I'm so sick of movies that have the same old hispanic actors in it with the same plotlines. Alot of characters also have the stereotypical spang-lish language which tended to drive me crazy throughout this movie. I also felt that this movie tended to slow down in the middle and become very dull. The situations with the daughters were at times trite and contrived. I felt Raquel Welch's role in this was badly acted and very unnecessary and at times, just plain obnoxious.

This movie has a lot of heart and soul into it, in the end this sums up what the hispanic culture really means; heart, food, love, and most of all, Family.