2000 LA/NY; 2001 Wide.
Rated: R for pervasive drug content, strong language, violence and some sexuality.
Genre: Gangster Crime/Drama
Directed By: Steven Soderbergh
Running Time: 2:20
Review by: Felix Vasquez Jr.
Review Date:
DVD Features:
Audio Commentary - 1. Steven Soderberg - Director, Stephen Gaghan - Screenwriter
2. Laura Bickford - Producer, Edard Zwick - Producer, Marshall Herskovitz - Producer, Tim Golden - Consultant, Craig Chretien - Consultant
3. Cliff Martinez - Composer
Deleted Scenes (25)
Featurettes - 1. Film Processing Demonstration
2. Editing Demonstration
3. Dialogue Editing Demonstration
Bonus Footage - 1. Multiple Angles
Additional Products:
Trading Cards - 1. Narcotics K-9 Units
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This along with "Erin Brokovich" and "Gladiator" swept the Oscars in 2001, it was in competition with other two heavyweights for title of "Best Film". The story is very complicated yet very realistic. We get to delve into the world of many peoples situations constantly, The stories and the people are all somewhat different but have the same problems, drugs. The most powerful  story in the movie is the story involving Micheal Douglas who is a US drug czar who discovers (in a strange irony) that his own daughter is highly addicted to drugs. Of course the best aspect of "Traffic" is the power cast and The great acting, most notable is the excellent performances by Don Cheadle, Micheal Douglas, and especially Benicio Del Toro who gives off an excellent performance as a crooked cop. We get so many perspectives of the war on drugs but in the end these people never solve any problems.

I didn't like this as much as critics or the academy did. Hey I'm being truthful to the fact. I'm not one of those critics who praise a film they don't like just because of its reputation. I found the directing most of all to be very annoying at times. There were moments where the camera would wobble at the most pivotal moments of the movie, which made it very difficult to watch. Sure the movie was okay but the directing was not. The whole movie, though very realistic and documentary style, seemed to be directed by an amateur. The filters were wrong and annoying as well with it's different color scenes and such. I found this to be very agitating.

A poorly made but truly realistic movie, this is difficult to watch.