Cut (2000)

Maybe that’s because I am humongous slasher movie fan. I like slashers. Whether they’re bad ones like “Happy Birthday To Me, Sleepaway Camp” or classics like “Psycho,” “Friday the 13th,” or “Halloween,” I love them all. This one is not an exception, as outside of “Scream” it’s one of the better movie-centric slasher movies made.

“Cut” starts off with a crew making a horror slasher called, “Hot Blooded”. The man who plays the killer in the movie is abused by the director and crew, so he goes nuts with anger and starts killing people on the set, one by one. Fast forward to the present where film students want to finish the film despite their film teacher’s warnings. He explains that every time someone tries to finish the film, someone dies. The kids decide to finish the film anyways and discover, within the reels of this cursed movie lies a killer.

The acting is pretty good, including Molly Ringwald who is great here as the alpha female antagonist. Most of the killings are awesome, including one where this girl gets her head chopped off by a saber saw. The killer is also cool and is given a great look including his mask. His weapon rules as well. I could tell this is a foreign film, because 99 percent of the actors are British; not that that’s a problem.

“Cut” is a very cool, sleek slasher flick with great murders and a heaping helpful of gore. I can’t wait for the sequel.