The 6th Day (2000)


“The 6th Day” is below the quality of any other Schwarzenegger movie I’ve seen before. This plot is not entirely original, and it leaves a lot of room for the people to debate on the whether the concept of cloning is playing god or just another step in technology. I found it dull.

I didn’t care about anyone in here, especially, Schwarzenegger who hams it up very much in an attempt at being dramatic. The cast is comprised of big stars like Tony Goldwyn and Robert Duvall. Why they would even be in this stinker is a riddle to me. Robert Duvall’s role in this movie is inadequate and he gets outshined by the unbelievable trash.

The setting is bleak and very generic, and we never really give much of a rats butt to take the time to appreciate it. The dialogue is decrepit and consists of mostly bad one-liners and propaganda on violence in the media. There’s barely any violence in this, and instead of the people carrying guns, they carry around laser guns that when shot at someone makes a clean clear hole through their body. “The 6th Day” is awful, and I suggest you don’t waste your money on this one.