Chicken Run (2000)

This is a cute story. Mel Gibson never ceases to pull in a fun performance. He’s energetic and realistic in this movie. He doesn’t have a humongous part or the starring role yet he pulls in an excellent performance. He’s hilarious and very funny. The dialogue is hilarious and the character set-up is great. We get to see the characters and their flaws which is great. The story takes place in a rural England farm where this woman named Ms. Tweedy grows chickens and sells their eggs.

The problem is if one of the chickens don’t lay eggs they die and become dinner. Now the chickens are trying to escape but can’t, due to the guard dogs and patrolmen. The chickens try and try and try but cannot escape from the farm. One day a rooster named “Rocky the Flying Rooster” (played by Mel Gibson) gets accidentally launched into the chicken coop and misleads the hens into thinking he can fly. Now they must devise a new plan to escape. But Ms. Tweedy has a new machine.

It’s one that makes Chicken Pot Pies. Time is of the essence now, and they must escape before the machine is installed. This is a very good cartoon. Unfortunately what ruined this cartoon for me was that I’m not a big fan of stop motion. I never have been, which is what prevented this from getting a solid ten and dropped it to a nine. Another factor is that this is a very dark movie for a cartoon intended for younger audiences. The plot is a bit slow in the beginning which dropped the cartoon another point from ten.

The fact that this movie is animated entirely with stop motion ruined the enjoyment for me while watching this. Aside from that, I had a great time with the wacky characters and kid-friendly action.