K-Pax (2001)

In the movie, Kevin Spacey plays Prot, a man who appears at a train station one day without explanation and is eventually taken into the mental institution where a prominent doctor Mark Powell played by Jeff Bridges analyzes Prot who claims he is an alien from a planet called K-Pax. Doctor Powell who is having problems with his family, delves deeper and deeper into the mans psyche and begins to discover whether or not this man is a true alien or just a troubled genius of a man. What’s there to say about this movie?

This is an original flick that lets Kevin Spacey truly stretch his legs. I am a big fan of Kevin Spacey’s acting, and he proves he can as this completely inept and questionably eccentric man. On the way, Prot helps a bunch of people, especially doctor Powell whose marriage is invigorated. The plot and explanation to Prot’s life is sad and we get to learn about his character. The problem with this movie is that it cops out in the end. It doesn’t tell us whether or not he’s an alien or just eccentric. Most people will be disappointed to discover that we never do find out.

The movie is pretty dull and very slow-paced, and when it begins to come back into speed, it disappoints big time. I found the entire movie to be very trite and weird with no utter sense or purpose. True, Kevin Spacey’s a great actor, but in a movie like this it’s hard to tell. Jeff Bridge’s character serves no other purpose than to stand around and gawk at Spacey’s character. I found this to be a huge disappointing movie. This is a poor disappointing movie with a confusing and annoying ending but is watchable for its great performance from Spacey.