Queen of the Damned (2002)

imagesOh, boy, is this ever a doozy! This movie is unlike it’s predecessor. As where it’s predecessor gained an advantage with depth, drama, horror, and intrigue, this lacked greatly. First off, the cast is wretched with incredibly bad unknowns strewn about throughout the movie; we get cheesy special effects often throughout the movie as the vampires seem more like comic book characters than actual vampires. Lestat who was once made intimidating by Tom Cruise is now an arrogant sex fiend who growls and hisses at everything making him seem more comical than scary.

The origin of Lestat is as interesting as watching a cake bake and all I wanted to see was Aaliyah’s sweet vampire ass. Now, I’m probably the only one in the entire world who really enjoys “Interview with the Vampire” the bigger budget vampire flick with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise to name a few. I love vampire flicks so it didn’t take much effort forcing me to watch this. The movie’s landscape is great, we get a surrealistic vision of the modern world which is consumed by media and rock and doesn’t seem to mind having a vampire in their midst much.

Best of all, we get some killer tunes from Lestat who is an undead Jim Morrison, if you will. The tunes are killer and fun to hear. Aaliyah in her rare scenes in this movie is devilishly sexy and gives off a lot of radiation from her character. We get to learn the insipid dull origin of Lestat who was brought into immortality by a count whom took him under his wing, so to speak, and taught him the joys of blood lust.  Yet another terrible vampire flick that tries so hard to be the next “Dracula” yet just barely rises to the level of “The Forsaken.” Aaliyah is gorgeous, but that doesn’t save the film’s tedious pacing, and cheesy atmosphere in the end.