Death to Smoochy (2002)


Boy, they must have offered these stars a lot of money for this tripe, because I can’t conjure up any sensible reason why they’d star in this. We get an all-star cast of Edward Norton, Robin Williams along with Catherine Keener who was so good in “Lovely & Amazing” but completely makes me lose any future interest in her as an actress. The cast stumble around this movie, playing these despicable characters in their sleep.

A lot of times the movie is absurd and inadvertently stupid because everyone looks bored in this, especially Williams and Norton who never seem excited or believable. Norton tries his best to be a comedic and whacky character but fails miserably making him look like Woody Harrelson’s illegitimate son. He often looks tired and dejected throughout the movie coping with the terrible dialogue. Robin Williams also looks bored, never feeling really wacky but more like he’s reading from a script. Robin’s comedic gestures have always been unpredictable but in this he seems staged and forced. Catherine Keener is a great actress but even she couldn’t save this whopper of a movie.

No surprise, Danny Devito directs this flop, making everything seem so hokey and unusual. A lot of the situations are so ridiculous and far-fetched making this all the more hard to swallow. We see these brilliant actors dressing goofy and acting moronic making it embarrassing to watch. The characters are so despicable and one-dimensional it’s hard to get into their situations or care much for either of them. Children in this movie are portrayed as mindless money machines and the scenery is often dark and grimy. To top everything off, they force feed us a terrible and laughable climax that is so ridiculous I nearly smashed my remote for even considering watching this.”Death to Smoochy” is an awful embarrassing movie with an ridiculous premise that is simply a disgrace; “Death to Smoochy” is just D.O.A.