Underworld: Original Soundtrack (CD)

1. THE DAMNING WELL – Awakening featuring Wes Borland, Richard Patrick, Josh Freese, and Donnie Lohner  2. PUSCIFER – RCV 22:20  featuring Maynard James Keenan, Danny Lohner  3. PAGE HAMILTON – Throwing Punches  4. MILLA – Rocket Collecting  5. REINHOLDER – Now I know  6. DAVID BOWIE – Bring me the disco king (Loner Mix) featuring Maynard James Keenan, and John Frusciante  7. SKINNY PUPPY – Optimissed  8. REINHOLDER – Down in the Lab  9. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Judith (Reinholder Mix)

10. JOHENETTE NAPOLITANO – Suicide Note  11. DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – Baby’s first coffin  12. TRUST COMPANY – Hover (Quiet Mix)  13. REINHOLDER – Falling through the sky  14. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Weak and Powerless (Tilling my grave Mix)  15. FINCH – Worms of the Earth  16. LISA GERMANO – From a Shell  17. REINHOLDER – Death dealer’s descent  18. THE ICARUS LINE – On the Lash  19. SARAH BETTENS – All of this past

You know what I love about soundtracks that make them superior from single artist albums? Soundtracks provide variety, and you get what you pay for. As where an album would have eleven tracks, if you’re lucky, soundtracks give you a hand full of songs and ask you to pick which ones you like. The “Underworld” soundtrack provides variety. The new action/horror/fantasy flick coming out in September gives a hard rock and new wave soundtrack full of nineteen tracks for any head banger or techno lover. The soundtrack reflects the atmosphere of the movie and really packs it in with some great tunes. There’s plenty of head banging hard rock music, plus some slow grim tunes, and a couple of techno rock jams in the mix.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack and grew increasingly surprised as the multi-faceted music within this album. Some of my favorite tracks include the hard opener “Awakening” from The Damning well, the grim slow melody “Bring me the disco king” from legendry David Bowie whose booming voice drowns out the great piano play in the back, The techno rock track “Optimissed” from Skinny Puppy, perfect for any party and a favorite of mine which had me really jamming in my seat, The hard rocking, raging “Baby’s first coffin” from Dillinger Escape Plan, another favorite and excellent tune which left me pumped, yet another hard rocking tune called “Weak and Powerless” from A Perfect Circle which really seemed to surge from my speakers, one of many tunes from Reinholder.

The short musical interlude called “Death dealer’s descent”, and finally “On the Lash” from The Icarus Line which is a pulsating rock tune that stands along with the many incredible songs in this. I thought this was a truly superior soundtrack and a lot of fun, but it suffered from some faults; A lot of the record feature some fast paced hard songs and then slows down with some truly manic depressive songs that really bored me; many of the slow tracks seemed to bring the great soundtrack to a screeching halt. Despite being a bi-polar soundtrack, this is rocking, fast paced and was a lot of fun to hear. I’m curious to see how this will mesh into the movie.