Big Fat Liar (2002)

bigfatl2Jason Shepherd (Frankie Muniz) is a slacker and he always tends to get into mischief; the problem is, he’s a liar who tends to fib to get him out of the toughest situations. Eventually, all of it comes back to him when he is hit by a car and made late for school. He hitches a ride with a limo seating a Hollywood producer named Marty Wolf (Paul Giamatti ) who steals young Jason’s essay called “Big Fat Liar” and makes it into a movie. Jason misses a school deadline and decides to go to Hollywood to get revenge on the ruthless producer. Now he and his best friend Kaylee (Amanda Bynes are out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get back his paper.

The whole plot within itself is so farfetched that after awhile it turns from likable to hard to believe. Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes travel to Hollywood yet we never get an explanation as to why a fourteen year old boy whose parents don’t trust him manages to afford plane tickets to Hollywood. The kids also manage to scheme their way into tricking a limo driver into thinking their associates of Marty Wolf, yet the driver never questions them nor does he double-check for proof. Probably the character that stood out the most was the versatile Paul Giamatti who does good with his role and is very very unlikable. The entire movie tends to take goofy twists and turns without description like that.

The climax of the movie that really bugged me was when the kids assemble a team to seek final revenge on Marty and most of it seemed so far-fetched. For example: how did they manage to fit a huge computer monitor and mini-graphics under one night? Plot holes like that seemed to annoy me too much. I wanted to see more of Amanda Bynes’ character but she does tend to get very little for a character with such a big presence. Throughout the entire movie she tends to outshine Muniz with her hilarious voice impressions and goofy expressions. The movie’s finale is perhaps one of the cheesiest and most far-fetched out of all of the plot points the writers ask you to suspend disbelief for.