How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)


I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, and these days they all seem to have something in common and it’s something that was never present in the classic romantic comedies: these days romantic comedies are incredibly bland. As bland as bland can be, so it was no surprise I entered this film with lower than low expectations. But I managed to actually be surprised at how entertaining and enjoyable this was to watch in its first half. First off, I’m in love with Kate Hudson, so it wasn’t a completely difficult time watching her in this film, and I actually laughed here and there. Hudson and McConaughey pull in two hilarious performances as two people who are attempting to outdo each other.

Hudson is very funny and charming in this film and manages to pull off the emotional highs, psychotic episodes, and emotional breakdowns to a tee which prompt Ben to look on in shock and simply tolerate her until the bet is won. Hudson pulls off the personalities very well and manages to help some predictable comedy scenes become very funny. McConaughey is helped by hilarious supporting performances by Adam Goldberg and Thomas Lennon both of whom also commit to deadpan reactions and laugh inducing one-liners as they witness Hudson’s madness and attempt to counsel the character Ben in putting up with Andie until the bet is over. It’s hard to feel or sympathize for characters that are basically annoying and despicable. Meanwhile there are numerous actors in the film that are simply wasted including Robert Klein, Bebe Neuwirth, and many others who are used just as plot devices and caricatures.

There also seem to be convenient plot twists that are so blatantly included into the mix it’s hard to figure out why they’d be included in the first place because they simply insult the audience’s intelligence. I was very disappointed that while the film was entertaining in the beginning with the episodes from Hudson, everything completely went from good to terrible towards the climax. Along with a terrible ending, there’s also a numerous range of plot inconsistencies that insult the audiences intelligence. In the end, the climax is safe and fluffy and doesn’t respect its audiences intelligence simply starting off as a madcap comedy to just another bland cookie cutter romantic comedy. This was somewhat funny in the first half, but it all seemed to go into a downward spiral in the climax with a cliché, cookie cutter, and safe ending that doesn’t really deliver to the audience.