Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)

563815Sure, it was a bit presumptuous on Kennedy and his agent’s part in spinning off a mildly amusing character from his rather obscure comedy show into a feature length movie, and while, once again, all of my expectations were down, I was pretty surprised to find this was just so entertaining. The movie no one has been asking for but came to theaters anyway, stars Kennedy as white rapper B-Rad who lives in the rough and tough notorious streets of–Malibu California with a large mansion he declares as small, and friends who are about as intimidating as gangsters as Britney Spears is talented, not.

B-Rad is the son of a campaigning Bill Gluckman played by the awfully funny Ryan O’Neal who is pretty embarrassed by his son, as is his mother played by Bo Derek (in a very brief appearance) and refuses to believe he lives the lifestyle. B-Rad is not ashamed of who he is, and belts out raps for literally everything convinced he’s the next big rapper. Bill’s campaign manager Ted Gibbons played by the appealing Blair Underwood and Gluckman’s team decide to rid him of his embarrassing son and go on a mission to “scare the black out of him”, so they pay two sophisticated young African American actors money to pretend to be gangsters and kidnap B-Rad to turn him white again with the help of their cousin Shondra played by the always funny Regina Hall (the Scary Movie trilogy).

The problem is, the two actors Sean and PJ are far from what you would consider gangsters, but they must invoke their abilities and pretend to be very scary, but when B-Rad discovers his father’s plot, he decides to play the game and get back at them. While the material here is just recycled and re-hashed (ala white guys pretending to be gangsters, white guys trying to be hip, and even resorting to talking animals with a voice cameo from rapper Snoop Dogg), there was just a lot of amusing and endearing material in the film to entertain any audience. First off, Taye Diggs and the scene chewing Anthony Anderson are utterly laugh out loud hilarious in the film as the two actors who don’t exactly fit the profile of thugs, and they even riff about their gang attire in what is obviously an improvised scene where they try out different hairstyles.

Diggs continues to surprise me with his talent showing some true talent for comedy here as the sometimes effeminate actor who tries his hardest to scare B-Rad but always ends up getting more than he bargained for. The chemistry between the two actors is just fun to watch and some of the best scenes include the two arguing with one another.Regina Hall who is really funny in the film plays the love interest Shondra who is hired to set-up and lure B-Rad into being carjacked, but soon learns to take an interest in him. Every character in the film is very interesting and Hall is magnetic as the likable and scene stealing Shondra. She even manages to steal many a scene from Kennedy who is at his top comedically. The film has a range of very funny characters including B-Rad’s friends, his father played by the interesting and funny Ryan O’Neal who is sadly underused.

Blair Underwood as the puppet master setting up the plot is great, and there’s finally the hilarious gangsters led by the intimidating Tec (Damien Wayans) who is intent on getting money from Gluckman while tolerating B-Rad. There are many funny scenes in the film including B-Rad’s attempt at battling in a rap contest at a club as he’s booed off the stage, there’s a really funny cameo from Mike Epps from the “Friday” films, there’s B-Rad’s attempt to rob a Korean convenience store, his shouting in a theater during a horror movie (“Ru-u-n bitch, he gonna kill you!!”) and his catch phrase that I couldn’t help laughing at: “Don’t be hatin'”, which he spouts throughout the film that hardly ever got old. Aside from that, Kennedy makes B-Rad a likable guy and hardly ever goes over the top; B-Rad despite the fact you’re never sure if he is exactly how he is, or if he’ll grow out of it is very interesting and is a very magnetic character. You want to see what’s going to happen to him, and we’re taken through a very funny, well-acted, fun-filled trip with a hilarious climax.