The Top Ten Sexiest Actresses Over 35

These days, if you’re over thirty, you’re considered obsolete, but I, I have a real taste for the older women. Since there’s ageism running rampant in Hollywood, I thought instead of just a list of hotties, I’d list the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over thirty-five. Not to single them out as over the hill, but to show that older women are indeed hottest. And, these gorgeous women prove you can have looks and talent at the same time. Funny thing is, which further proves my point, while I had a lot of fun making it, this list was hard to compile. It’s tough finding great actresses whom also look really good that aren’t in  their early twenties and thin as a beanpole. Not that these gorgeous women are fat. The criteria for my choosing of these women are their talent overall, their class, and their utter sex appeal which is basically the purpose of this list. And on to the list:

naomi_watts_5Naomi Watts
Okay, so I thought I’d include at least a few mainstream actresses so as not to completely alienate the readers, so I started the list off with a bang presenting a well known really sexy actress who has some indie credit to her filmography, but is still very talented. If you’re stuck in the mainstream, then you’ve seen her in films like “The Ring” franchise, and the upcoming “King Kong” remake. But she’s been in great movies, and some little known gems like “Le Divorce” as the troubled Roseanne, the bright-eyed Betty in Lynch’s compelling “Mulholland Drive” where she really broke out from, in the excellent “We Don’t Live here Anymore”, and in the awfully depressing “21 Grams”. She’s a blonde goddess with real acting skill.



Catherine-KeenerCatherine Keener
Ms. Keener is an actress who is mostly akin to playing more distinguished studious plain Jane’s who mostly aren’t looked upon as conspicuous in appearance but really manage to command the screen, but when Keener turns it on, she really knows how to be sexy and alluring in her ways. Keener has built up a respectable career as a great actress, has that big sister quality, but knows how to be sexy and is never really afraid to be plain in her roles, which also help her skill as a respected actress in films like the charming “Lovely & Amazing”, the horrible “Simone” and “Death to Smoochy”, and can do quirky in the pretentious “Full Frontal” and the upcoming comedy “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Keener steals scenes with her acting, is intelligent, and really oozes sex appeal.



75483_patricia_clarkson_200Patricia Clarkson
I was first introduced to Clarkson as the tortured wife in “Tales from the Crypt” who witnessed a murder and suffered the shock from it not being able to speak and confess, and for thirty agonizing minutes went under the murderer’s (Richard Thomas) relentless torture which all ended in a brutal finale. I wasn’t aware of what kind of actress she was at the time. Whether it’s playing the wry, wisecracking cancer suffering Elvira Fine in her show stealing performance in the hilarious indie “Pieces of April”, the conniving villager Vera in “Dogville”, or the troubled but sexy Olivia in “The Station Agent”, Clarkson not only has sex appeal, and looks, but she has an illustrious career as an excellent actress under her belt to boot. She’s slim, gorgeous has a really alluring linty voice, and really knows how to draw attention with her beauty. Plus, I have a thing for redheads.



nielsen171600x1200Connie Nielsen
Danish beauty Nielsen is a woman who is only getting more and more beautiful as she ages, and has also managed to gain herself a great career in Hollywood starring alongside heavyweights like Robin Williams, Joaquin Phoenix, and Al Pacino and in some really fine movies that garnered much critical acclaim and talk. Chameleon-like as many of the actresses in this list, you may have seen her somewhere. If you can’t really recall where you’ve seen her, give it a try because it’s hard to forget someone like her. She was the seductive Christabella in “The Devil’s Advocate”, the empress Lucilla in “Gladiator”, the wife in denial Nina in “One Hour Photo”, and the tough gritted Private Osborn in the ridiculous “Basic”, plus she’s gorgeous with features you’d expect from a runway model without the skeletal thin frame.



Cate-Blanchett-041Cate Blanchett
In spite of her sheer elegance, stunning beauty, and all around class, the Australian Ms. Blanchett is also a very seasoned, distinguished, respected, and talented actress, one of the rare kind that have that distinct beauty that sets her apart from the rest, but is not afraid to change form and look completely unattractive for a role. She’s not only very sexy and beautiful, but she has immense talent nominated for her breakout role in “Elizabeth”, and winning a much deserved Oscar portraying Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator”. She was pure slutty sexiness in “The Shipping News” and utterly stunning in her brief walk-ons as the Elvin goddess Galadriel in the “Lord of the Rings” films, but her raw talent is hard to ignore with films like “The Gift”, “Veronica Guerin”, “The Man Who Cried”, and, one of her most talked about roles in the aforementioned “The Aviator”. I see many more Oscars in Ms. Blanchett’s future.



miranda_otto_20090721_0798Miranda Otto
Ms. Otto is one of those actresses who you swear could have jumped out from the forties and landed a career in modern Hollywood, because there can be no other reason why this Australian fox looks like a forties starlet. Otto is slowly building her rep in Hollywood as a great supporting actress. Those whom are not familiar with her could have seen her in three major blockbusters, most recently in “War of the Worlds”, or perhaps in the entertaining remake of “Flight of the Phoenix”. But I mostly remember her as the gorgeous Eowyn who romanced Viggo Mortensen in the “Lord of the Rings” sequels, and pretty much put Liv Tyler to shame. If there was ever a woman who could play the Lady in Red in a Dillinger film, it could be her. She was engrossing as the daughter of the king seeking to prove herself in battle, but Otto has a great career as an indie actress starring in the bittersweet movie “Julie Walking Home”, and as Tim Robbins’ sexy French assistant/lover in “Human Nature”. Ms. Otto has the looks and the talent with her red mane, pouty lips, and raspy voice helped only by her accent, and she sports a good looking frame that could make many a men quiver. So pay attention.



Diane-Lane-(32)Diane Lane
Josh Brolin is one lucky bastard, I’ll tell you that. Because, can you argue with me that you wouldn’t want to go home with that at the end of the day? Ms. Lane is not only a really hot actress, but she’s also a really good one too turning in one of her best performances in the overrated “Unfaithful”, followed it up with the entertaining “Under the Tuscan Sun”, and has a long career as one of those supporting actresses that you know you’ve seen before but can’t really remember where. She was Stallone’s sidekick in what, I’m sure she doesn’t talk about, “Judge Dredd”, she was Mark Wahlberg’s wife in “The Perfect Storm”, in the recent romance comedy “Must Love Dogs”, and, face it, has basically never looked better. She can play plain in films like “Jack” and “Hard Ball” but can also be excruciatingly sexy (see above). Long legs, wild brown hair, and a body many women dream of having, not to mention her undeniable sophistication. Lane can only go up from here, as many men’s… well let’s move on.




Hope Davis
I admittedly had a hard time trying to find sexy pictures of Hope because she’s not known for playing risqué characters in her films, which, in turn not only makes her even more sexy, but very classy as well. Which is not to say she isn’t daring as she’s done sex scenes in her films. She’s managed to gain a really tight career of very acclaimed roles in many good independent films and has a small but loyal fan base. She’s a lot like Mark Ruffalo, Campbell Scott, and Peter Saarsgard: always in something, and constantly changing forms.

Whether it’s playing Campbell Scott’s passive aggressive wife in “The Secret Lives of Dentists”, the incredibly self-involved widow mother in “Hearts in Atlantis”, or as the spiteful daughter in “About Schmidt”, Davis is an extremely talented actress with her big saucer green eyes, charming sex appeal, killer body, wholesome personality, and gorgeous face, but is never opposed to sacrificing her looks for a role as she did in the hilarious “American Splendor” as the plain wife of Harvey Pekar, Joyce which gained her much attention from critics and recognition ala a Golden Globes nomination.



06esquire1Mary Louise Parker
Oh, yes. An unexpected but truly worthy choice, if I’ve ever seen one. Some women are like wine, they only get better with age… and I want to pop their cork. Parker has always been a looker, but at 41, she’s only sexier now.
Gorgeous, very sexy, and very talented, Parker has nothing really discernable that sets her as unattractive. With an ere of that big sister’s sexy best friend quality, along with a very inviting smile and looks that only stem from natural beauty, Parker is a fox. And after pulling in critically acclaimed performances in the television mini-series “Angels in America” which earned her an Emmy, and her acclaimed turn in “The Client”, she ranks up there with a seasoned career of many popular films. Whether playing Edward Norton’s wife in “Red Dragon”, or the drug dealing easy-going Nancy in her entertaining television show “Weeds”, Parker has elegance, sexiness, and skills to show she’s not a dispensable actress in Hollywood’s gallery.



Monica-Bellucci-Photos-GQ-IMonica Bellucci
Yes, I went for the obvious, the goddess, the ridiculously hot, the busty, curvaceous choice. Judge me all you want, because frankly speaking, the fact is I’d give my right thumb just to have a peek under her skirt, I’d shave my head bald just to see what she looks like in a thong. Ms. Bellucci is a pure utter goddess from Greek mythology re-incarnate in to this beautiful specimen of womanly structure that I wish was in more films in Hollywood just so I can see her. She’s Italian, she’s hot, she’s fits in to the categories and criteria, and she’s been in many critically acclaimed films in Hollywood slowly gaining a mainstream career, along with a seasoned career in Italian Cinema. She’s slowly gaining talk from movie-goers as her volume of roles increase.

Whether it was her brief scene as one of Dracula’s brides in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, her all too brief, but brutally sexy role as Persephone in the “Matrix” sequels which made the movies less boring, Mary Magdalene in “Passion of the Christ”, the devoted missionary nurse in “Tears of the Sun”, and in one of the most controversial movies in years “Irreversible”, Ms. Bellucci is the siren that will attract young men to her films regardless of what she does. She could star in a children’s film as a cop trying to solve a murder with a precocious Golden Retriever and I’d still pony up thirty bucks to see her in it. She can soon be seen as the evil Queen (damn she looks fine in a bustier and corset!) in “The Brothers Grimm” which I will surely be looking for, and I hope she does much more films because she’s fun to look at, and hard to look away from.