Hitch (2005)


It’s a shame, Will Smith, with all his appeal, money, and clout in the business doesn’t take all he has and use it to do some good for film. Instead of working on cookie cutter romances, and boring action flicks, he could be out there changing how films are made. Yet, here he sits, on another cookie cutter romance that bears nothing resembling originality or innovation. Smith has taken his advantages and used it to have a career of mediocrity. “Hitch” another short title starring a playboy who helps people get in love, and even talks in to the camera with a smug smile in the tradition of films like “Alfie”. It’s hard to feel any sympathy or connection towards someone who’s so cocky and arrogant.

Hitch is a match maker who helps out basically any schmuck who has an eye on a particular girl, and surprisingly reality never plays a part in his job. No one ever rejects these guys in spite of Hitch’s help, and everything is wrapped up in a little bow. “Hitch” is sadly predictable and cliché to a tee. If only the writers would have added a twist, I could have respected it more. Maybe after all Hitch’s claims he couldn’t get the girl he wanted, now that would have been a very strong sense of irony. If only Smith could play anyone but himself for once in a film he’d be a man I could call an actor, yet he just decides on playing the same kind of suave smart allecky guy who double takes and attempts to form some hint of comedy. “Hitch” is a derivative piece of romance comedy fluff with the over done “match maker/playboy finally meeting his match” formula.

Eva Mendes pulls up most of the slack charisma-wise, while Kevin James has to add comedic relief. The movie is never as funny as it thinks it is, in fact it’s never funny with gags that border on gross to forced, and really clunky dialogue that is made up of basic one-liners, and sappy monologues. The writing is bad enough that it never turns Hitch in to a likable, believable character, and Smith pulls the character off with no conviction. The rest of his character is pulled off through narration that is rigid, and self-congratulatory. I really ended up caring more about the sub-plots than Hitch’s efforts to get a woman. Had the film focused more on the sub-plots and made Hitch a sort of Cupid like presence, this would have been a better movie. Though Kevin James steals the show, “Hitch” is under- whelming, and predictable cookie cutter romantic comedy fluff that won’t break any ground, though it seems that’s what Smith is going for with his career. Not breaking any ground, or being remembered.