PsychShawn Preston is excellent at noticing clues and hints to a crime. He’s so excellent, he’s practically a psychic. And now you know what the basic plot is. Preston, taught to point out clues and heighten his intuition since he was a boy, thanks to his demanding officer father (Corbin Bernsen), can solve many crimes by just watching a news report then calls, reports information and collects on the reward money, and it’s gotten him into hot water. To prove he didn’t commit the crimes, he pretends to be psychic. And then it gets interesting.

The character of Shawn Preston is your modern day Sherlock Holmes, and it’s fun watching him do his thing as he enters a crime scene. His penchant for enter a scene and noticing clues, inconsistencies, and body language in five seconds without a struggle makes Preston more threatening in spite of his easygoing temperament, and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Thankfully, Preston isn’t an oddball like Monk or Columbo, he’s a basic slacker who you could see in college pretending to work, but that doesn’t mean he’s not likable.

Indeed Preston is a great sleuth and his talent for noticing clues within seconds is entertaining to say the least. James Roday is great as the cocky and wisecracking hero who takes it upon himself to go into the crime solving family business, but not without collecting as much money as possible. Fans of “Monk” and “Columbo” should definitely consider watching this funny and awfully amusing crime comedy that sports very good writing and great performances by its cast, including our two main characters Hill and Roday.

As a team they bicker back and forth and fumble in attempts to foil a kidnapping scheme in the pilot. “Psych” has the ability to become the new standard for investigative dramedies with a sleuth who is not just funny, but intelligent, and utterly devious. I intend on watching this regularly. Just don’t commit a crime while Preston is around.


On USA July 7th. Check Local Listings.