Why We Fight (2006)

Why_we_fight_(2005)I never find it necessary to warn readers of my opinions on the worldwide web, but for those of you who can’t take opposite opinions, or come to the site to escape this sort of world events, by all means, turn away now, because you may see more of a man talking of his own personal views within the review of “Why We Fight”. There are many allusions to the documentary of “Why We Fight”, the two of which being that we went to war to help our military weapons industry, and that we basically went to war preying on our lust for vengeance and losses.

We struck at a country that really weren’t bothering us, evaded the real enemies; we called those who were for it patriots, and those who questioned it anti-American. And we ate it up with a spoon. And the allusion that we strategized plans of attacks on their soil before 9/11 is a point constantly examined and one that isn’t without warrant, but the primary motive for “Why We Fight”, upon my interpretation, is to explore the fact that US war weapons have increased both in damage and girth since World War 2, and the outcome of this pre-planned war based on picking on the vulnerabilities of an ignorant American public, will be purely catastrophic.

There’s really no wise allecky narrator, more of pure irony which explores the evolution of weapons of mass destruction from our end, and then the politicians who convey purely idiotic and grandiose commentary on how America can and should police the world. Such allusions signal a new change for America, one of which can not be beneficial to this planet. But mostly, “Why We Fight” exposes the sheer interests to corporations and their products, which served as one of the many motives to strike at a country, because without demand there’s no supply. But then again, “Why We Fight” doesn’t tell us things we don’t already know. Where as “Fahrenheit 911” attempted to expose much of what Bush and his administration had up their sleeves, “Why We Fight” is basically just another rundown of what has happened before and what is happening now.

To those who knew re-electing our current president was a big mistake, “Why We Fight” is basically just stating the obvious, gee Howard Dean, you say there’s corruption? Well, who knew? This would be an informative documentary and account of a pre-planned war, but when you delve into the daily current events, you can’t really find anything here that you haven’t read in a reliable source. “Why We Fight” half-handedly explores why we went to war, and explores how we planned war, and plan on fighting for good only when it’s in our best interests. Surely, Jarecki’s expose is an engrossing and startling documentary, but it never gives those who keep up with world events something they haven’t known for years.