The War at Home: Season One (DVD)

No one on the series “The War at Home” is capable of understanding how to properly pull off mean spirited comedy. Take shows like “Married… with Children,” and “Titus,” shows that excelled at show mean-spirited comedy with its own agenda. The former was pure trash and nothing more, a forefather of the shit to come from FOX, while “Titus” was in its roots about a comedian whose father never treated him as well as yours may have.

And it was only the beginning with crap like “Grounded for Life,” and the entertaining “Malcolm in the Middle.” But “The War at Home” is so anxious to be ahead of its time, that it doesn’t realize, its formula is utterly ancient. How many series have we had in the last eight years that have shown obnoxious kids undermining and disrespecting their uncool parents?  Michael Rappaport, a man I once enjoyed as an actor, really shows he’s desperate, with a sitcom that’s been done with its state of obnoxiousness jacked up to about a thousand.

“The War at Home” is another in a line of modern comedies from FOX that’s lacking in laughs, brains and originality. And I’m shocked it’s managed to last as long as two seasons. But then again, “Stacked” lasted a good while, too. It’s not surprising, though. It’s only indicative of the state of television, and why I barely watch it these days. There are your usual vices with sitcoms present, and all of them are painfully obvious: racial jokes, a put upon father unwilling to adjust to… his daughter dating a black guy (?), an obnoxious daughter, hell attention Archie Bunker, someone is stealing your bit. And of course, there’s the running gag about the possibility of character Dave’s son being a homosexual.

Rappaport’s character is a pure SOB from the get go, and he’s not someone viewers will be able to get behind. With people like Archie Bunker, and Al Bundy, there was a certain humanity about them, and with Bunker he was basically a symbol of old America adjusting to modern times, which excused the fact he was biased, and often a pure racist. Dave Gold is just a dick, and one who really shouldn’t even have a big family. The only real consolation is Kaylee Defer who is a worthy piece of eye candy for the muck that surrounds the viewer. And Anita Barone is really no one to sneeze at. Beyond the mild high points of these two actresses, “The War at Home” is an awful series, and one I’m glad is gone. It’s just sad that this has to live on in DVD form, it’s painful.