Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers: Season Two (DVD)

Penny Dreadful is a hot hunk of woman, and in a world where Elvira, Zacharly, Joe Bob Briggs, Dr. Demento and many other folks helped to ease the pain of horrible movies, Penny Dreadful and her friends could be the carrier of the torch. In the genre of horror, the females mostly always rule. Men still love Elvira, Vampira, Debbie Rochon, and the rest of the legendary brood, and Penny Dreadful carries this legacy with a New England series that excels at showing truly awful films.

Penny Dreadful’s smexxiness otherwise cushions the blow of the garbage like “The Beast of Yucca Flats,” and it’s a suggested little horror series where you can find it on Public Access. “Shilling Shockers” is obviously a series that derives from the formula of “Horrible Horror” and “Mystery Science Theater,” in which our hostess, Penny Dreadful, has some fun with props, entertains us with some funny commentary, and introduces a bad film.

All of this is helped by a awfully low tech special effects, but then, this is an ode to those old time horror shows, so it’s a basic entertaining pre-requisite. The group here just excel at providing a proper throwback to the shows of the bygone era where these shows were an experience, and one that built some truly adoring horror fans. The people at “Penny Dreadful” are continuing this legacy and doing a bang up job of it. Penny Dreadful though is the highlight of the series, as she bears a stunning resemblance to Karen Black, and will surely induce a laugh or two from the audience. She has a surefire sense of humor about herself, and strives for double takes, and over the top acting that makes the show a blast.

In one episode, Penny straps a man down and makes him watch “The Beast of Yucca Flats,” thanks to him sending a nasty letter to Penny. This is obviously all in the vein of “Mystery Science Theater,” but the introductions, and the small intermissions are funny, and Dreadful is just fun to watch in presence personality, and appearance. The series has a genuine novelty to it, that will really act as a flash of memories for folks who just enjoyed the old time television series where horror was the centerpiece.

The humor is also helped by Garou and Manfred, her co-stars who help in the mischief, and are all around hilarious characters, and this is a series that’s meant for the folks who want to relive those late night horror shows, or at least want to see what a genuine horror show with goofy antics, and a wacky host is like. I enjoyed it, I have to say. The goofballs behind “Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers” are rather entertaining to watch, and even though I had to endure the bad movies, this is a series fit for a following. A hot and hilarious host, and two zany sidekicks makes a cult series, and one worthy of the attention. Stop looking for a successor Elvira, your replacements are right here.


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