The Legend of Rune Wraith (2010)

runewraithIt seems the more Larry Longstreth forms his own niche in indie films the more bizarre his comedy gets and that’s not a bad thing. Because even the most unusual concepts are pulled off because Longstreth is never afraid to go over the top and stretch the confines of the genre he is most comfortable in. “The Legend of Rune Wraith” is a full on display of the abilities of Longstreth who seemingly improvises most, if not all, of the lines here.

Playing a hardcore role player he describes the game he’s played beat by beat (which is further helped thanks to flashbacks that illustrate his anecdote) and tells of the story of the Rune Wraith. Looking like a typical gamer geek, Longstreth mugs for the camera with comedic enthusiasm jumping around and waving his weapon in such an unusual bumbling fashion that it hilariously resembles the Star Wars kid and he even mutters a line that should be repeated: “Deadly with a spear. Even deadlier with the ladies.”

Longstreth is in good form here portraying a character who rabidly explains the events leading to the domination of his player’s worlds and the powerful Shadow Lord. Trying to lend credence to his accounts he even proclaims that there were characters invented to take down the Rune Wraith but none succeeded, then in usual Longstreth fashion, he ends the short on a rather twisted and hilarious note that he delivers with a tongue in cheek and sly smile. Obviously an experimental film, “The Legend of Rune Wraith” is classic Longstreth with unusual bizarre humor, sharp improv, and a climax that guarantees to stick in our minds long after we’ve seen it.