Killer Cup 2: The Killer Cups Strike Back! (2004)

killercup2Oh god! They made a sequel! And it’s longer this time! A group of young people are going on a camping trip and have taken along the bare essentials like food, water, and styrofoam cups! The foreshadowing here is about as clunky as you’d expect with one of the characters making a point of declaring how big one of the cups are. Apparently it’s the master cup or chief general cup. In either case, what begins as a night of drinking and joking around (one of the campers even pretends to be bitten by the cup in a high-larious “gotcha” moment), soon all of the cups band together to strike back at the partiers and inflict carnage upon them.

I don’t see why the cups couldn’t just get out of the package and roam free in the woods hunting small animals and building a village, but I guess they just want humans to suffer for their plight. But nevertheless most of the campers being getting mutilated or torn to pieces in their sleep as we see more about the inner workings of a styrofoam cup as they form bands, gang up on their victims, inspire one another with speeches, build traps and can even power up a paper airplane, for some reason. Grenier seems to be more invested in turning his horror film in to a “Critters” send off as we learn more about the monsters including their ways of transport involving hopping in packs (in a pretty wicked CGI sequence) and the fact that once squashed they emit disgusting white blood.

And he’s never above exploitation zeroing in on his actresses behinds and cleavage and even looks for an excuse for the cups to snatch the bikini top of one of the victims who clings to her chest relentlessly in the carnage. This sequel is so much more realized and creative than the original and I had a blast with the little ways Grenier fleshed out these monsters and how he seemed to make more out of the better resources obtained throughout the production, I think this is his strongest of the schlock horror shorts so far. If you couldn’t quite keep up with the narrative of the original, never fear, Grenier makes the sequel much easier to follow and doesn’t mind showing off some of the assets of his female cast all of whom spend an enormous amount of time jiggling and running from killer cups whose motives are still confusing. While it won’t change the genre, it’s creative and entertaining and sometimes that’s all I want from a horror movie.