Batman: The Line (2011)

batman-thelineI don’t know too much about Batman lore and I don’t pretend to. So it’s a tall order to ask viewers to keep in mind that this film is set between two issues of Batman that they likely never read before. Surely enough though, “Batman: The Line” works within the context of the Jason Todd storyline and really doesn’t take much time to expound on the scenario we’re witnessing save for a newspaper clipping of what occurred before we set down on Batman and the current Robin.

Realizing there’s not much to go on from there, “Batman: The Line” is a reasonably entertaining and well made venture in to the universe that tries its best to become a thought provoking glimpse at the Batman moral code rather than spill flashy special effects on the audience. After apparently allowing a criminal to fall off of a ledge in Gotham, Jason Todd aka Robin feels little to no remorse for his actions. Rather than apologize, Todd takes Batman to task asking him to ponder on how balanced the tables would be if they snuffed out Gotham’s criminals rather than send them to jail.

Batman responds accordingly after a run in with the Joker which allows him to reflect on his own actions and ponder on why mercy is such a forethought. Sadly, while the costumes are good and the writing is sharp, the performance by Jason Olstad leaves much to be desired. He lacks the stoicism and twisted mentality of Jason Todd to deliver such interesting dialogue. But that’s just a mild quibble as “The Line” is primarily a thought provoking and well made fan film that thankfully doesn’t get bogged down by Olstad’s performance. Though slightly brought down by the shaky performances, “The Line” is an entertaining and well made Batman fan film that’s respectfully ambitious and makes up for the lack of budget with provocative questions on morality and ethics.