Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana (1971) (DVD)

Dennis Van Zak’s propaganda film is very much on par with “Reefer Madness” and that’s just shocking how much the two parallel toward one another. While “Reefer Madness” was a complete exaggeration of the negative aspects of marijuana use, Dennis Van Zak completely reduces the positive aspects of marijuana use to such an optimistic degree that it’s absolutely comical and cartoonish. Both films are basically intent on conveying a message about the use of cannabis and both films basically evade any and all scientific research in exchange for their agenda toward audiences. The only real difference with “Aphrodisiac!” and “Reefer Madness” is that Van Zak’s film is basically just a short form porn film with testimonials so utterly idiotic it’s worth a good laugh or two. In fact I would recommend audiences be obscenely high while viewing this film.

“Aphrodisiac!” is basically a hybrid of a really bad infomercial and a porno. We visit different women and men through periods of their lives and toward the camera they express how marijuana has changed their lives. Basically in this world marijuana is such an ingredient for relaxation that it turns literally everyone who comes in contact with it in to sex fiends. Basically we just visit with various characters for five minute increments who express their sexual love for the stimulant and then we see a long drawn out sex scene. Folks like John Holmes have their cameos and appearances and the film pretty much drones on for seventy minutes about the joys of marijuana and how much like catnip it is to these individuals.

Also we see them being used in social gatherings and thankfully I’ve never been to any party of such extremes because once anyone gets a nip of marijuana the men and women begin fondling each other and eventually digress in to sexual activities. The sexual content is a hefty mixture of hardcore and softcore with the film’s tone firmly comedic and absurd. I’d wonder if any of the proceedings are remotely erotic but I gather audiences will be too busy laughing to find anything here enticing in the least. As a film, “Aphrodisiac” is appropriately surreal and off the wall without a single hint as to what it’s trying to convey through its imagery and hilarity. For folks looking for experimental films to get tanked to, this is the title for you. Funny, awkward, idiotic, and just plain surreal, “Aphrodisiac” is a film about marijuana that’s best experienced under the influence of marijuana. Filled with hilarious interviews and some interesting performances, this is an oddity worth checking out.
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