Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection: Filmgore (DVD)

filmgore“FilmGore” is one of the many horror compilations grindhouse fans will get a kick out of, as it’s not only a compilation of the some of the most famous and obscure horror films of all time, but the presentation as a whole cuts through the droning dialogue and just zeroes in on the blood and grue. Basically it’s all one big cut together clip show from horror geeks and it shows. Dixon’s writing paired with the essence of Ackerman provides the film with a sense of charisma, in spite of the film basically being one big excuse to show off clips without much of a structure.

Fans of Film Gore will definitely want to see “FilmGore.” Of course that goes without saying, but I thought it warranted saying anyway. “Film Gore” is almost ninety minutes of clips from some rather sleazy and frightening films and all of it is rather cleverly cushioned by the great Elvira. Elvira and her big lovely, uh, eyes are there to ease the pain of the tedious dialogue sequences, and she causes quite a ruckus with her hilarious one-liners and acerbic sense of humor and irony.

“FilmGore” is one of the many releases of the Full Moon Grindhouse collection that takes a rather rare documentary and is made available for all the fans who revel in re-living their favorite grindhouse pictures. From “Driller Killer” to “Zombie,” the best gore is featured and it makes for a rather hefty compilation for folks in the mood for eye gauging and mutilations. Fans of HG Lewis and Hooper will be happy to see that there are basically condensed cliff notes versions of their most famous films with host Elvira providing commentary. “Blood Feast” is treated to a twenty minute presentation, while “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is given a best of segment with all of the best kills and chases.

Though I’m used to commentary during films, many fans might not enjoy the commentary from Elvira, but I found it refreshing and it often loosened the tension and cut the monotony. “FilmGore” is really just one big pastiche of Charles Band’s favorite horror films with clips galore, and if fans are up to owning what was once an obscure and hard to find compilation, this is right up your alley. Elvira’s jiggling, uh, commentary helps ease a gruesome clip show of some of the most horrific and disturbing horror films in existence and it’s now available on DVD for folks who always wanted to experience it before it faded in to obscurity.