Sci-Fi Invasion: 50 Movie Set (DVD)

Do me a favor. If and when you buy “Sci-Fi Invasion – 50 Movie Set,” be sure to skip all of the features temporarily and pop in the DVD of “Future Hunters.” This Robert Patrick vehicle is perhaps one of the most inept and inadvertently hilarious movies ever made with a plot so convoluted and nonsensical it’s a pedigree above sucky and dabbles occasionally in to retarded. There’s post-apocalyptic nomads fighting over a spear of some kind, and Robert Patrick getting his ass kicked by literally everyone as the film’s inept protagonist who helps a young archaeologist find a way to keep the sacred spear from some evil collectors.

Bruce Li appears for a portion of the film to aide the heroes of the film in their journey, gets in to a long hilariously bad kung fu fight with a martial arts priest outside a sacred temple, and inexplicably disappears from the remainder of the film. And in one instance a long car chase begins at night and mysteriously finishes in the day time. “Future Hunters” is a league in its own in bad science fiction cinema and you’d be remiss if you skipped it over in favor of grade A sci-fi cinema featured in the collection like “The Manster.”

Thank goodness “Terminator 2” turned Robert Patrick from a D movie star in to a B movie star we can all appreciate. Along with this package of fifty science fiction films from Mill Creek Entertainment, there is the infamous “Galaxina,” as well as the 1974 cult classic “Horror High” about a bullied student seeking revenge on bullies with his experimental elixir. There’s of course your standard movie collection titles like Vincent Price’s 1959 “The Bat,” 1958 “Night of the Blood Beast,” and 1964’s “The Creeping Terror,” along with Roger Corman’s “The Wasp Woman.” Featured in the set are some Italian sci-fi titles like “War of the Robots” along with a very early Bill Paxton feature entitled “Slipstream.” But seriously, if you get this set, check out “Future Hunters.” It reaches entirely new levels of inept filmmaking and horrific writing.