An Interview with Linnea Quigley

Thanks a lot for agreeing to the interview, you’re a massive rock star around my household!
Thanks for the rock star thing! I’m trying to re-record the songs I wrote, plus I love writing. I still like the raw feel of the “originals” though, so thanks.

Do you feel horror films are much more jaded than they were back in the eighties or nineties?
I think back when i did horror films they were put in a bad class. It was like “Oh you’re doing that.” Now with “The Walking Dead,” they are accepted more by everyone. But some bad films are still being made, and just thrown together. But nothing beats “Return of the Living Dead” or “Night of the Demons.”

Are filmmakers, based on your experiences, just as ambitious as they were back in the eighties or nineties?
The filmmakers I’ve met are very enthusiastic. Some have not gone to film school (like the past director) and you have to surround yourself with pros more, so you can get better as a filmmaker. So sometimes they rely on friends producing or starring in the films, and that can sometimes cause problems. I just worked on one that had comedy and gore and
it was fun. It looks so good. I actually worked on a few lately.

Why do you think there are so few scream queens these days?
Oh, there were a million wanna be “scream queens” back then, and then they found they were shunned and put in their place eventually. Just because you took a photo a had blood on you you, were a scream queen. You gotta earn it, and it’s a lot of work, believe me. So they have “closet scream queens,” now. (laughs) Like Milla Jovovich from “Resident Evil” and Kate Beckinsale “Underworld.” I love both, they’re great.

Which director that you’ve worked with has been your favorite?
I have too many favorite directors I have worked with over the years. David DeCouteau, Kevin Tenney, Dan O’Bannon, Joe Hollow. I know I’m forgetting a lot of people. I’m sorry. But I’ve had some amazing experiences with them as well as new comers Mike Justice, Victor Bonacore, Michael Hoffman, Lori Bowen, and Ken Hall. I could go on and on.

In your opinion, what’s the best film project you’ve worked on in your career?
Well, “Return of the Living Dead” was the best. It had the actors, the best crew, the best director and producers, everyone was amazing. It was done so well and was not easy, it was a lot of work that thankfully paid off. And most recently “Demonica” from Jason Bolinger, and Mike Saunders.

Do you have a specific guideline or rule before you take on a job in a horror film?
My rules are mainly “No animals hurt during filming,” and “No weird nudity.” I haven’t really done nudity in awhile but in Europe you gotta be more careful.

You have a talent for comedy, have you ever thought of exploring that area of acting more?
Thank you! Yes. I love comedy and have done some comedy films like “Treasure of the Moon Goddess,” “Virgin High,” and “Vice academy.” But I’d like to do more for sure.

What film, if any, has influenced you most as an actress and genre star?
I liked watching the old “Nyoka the Jungle Girl” series on TV and “Tarzan.” I also love “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” “House of Wax” and all of Hitchcock. As for a certain actress, from horror Fay Wray. I liked her but she hated being called a “Scream Queen.”

Is there a band or musician in particular that influenced your love for music?
In music Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, and Gary Glitter. They all influenced me a lot in music as well as Fleetwood Mac. I still love them all. I’m going to try to rerelease the songs with a band. I like the original raw feel of it, and it would give me a chance to write more, which I love.

What do you think today’s scream queens can learn from horror stars like you?
The horror stars can definitely learn from me, and I can learn from them. You always learn something. I ask a lot of questions of others about everything. I love it when people do study and really take what they do seriously.

Having starred in over a hundred films do you think you’ll ever lose your enthusiasm for the horror genre?
I’ll never get tired of it. If it was just me slashing people up all the time, I’d maybe get bored, but this year I’ve played such interesting parts. I’m not just the girl in the shower who gets killed anymore, like the early days (laughs). I’m shy and don’t think I’m some big genre star, so its hard for me to see being bored. It’s so strange, for me. I cant imagine if people knew everywhere I went. I just go “Oh, I gotta do this normal thing on film, and then go to a convention, or set,” and then people ask me to sign stuff.

Is there anything that you would change about your experiences with horror early in your career?
You unfortunately can’t change anything, so it’s a shame. I wish I could go back and change some personal stuff, but I’m okay with things as they are.

Do you have any advice for actresses looking to break in to the film business?
Study the craft, do extra work, learn the film terms, do a class where you can learn improv. Just be on time, and don’t complain. If you want this, it’s not all easy, especially with horror.

For fans unaware, do you have other passions beyond acting and film in general?
Right now, I’m trying to get a website started, and was suppose to have it up but I need help from someone. I have a mystery box of stuff of mine I sell, I have paypal. Animal rights is a way of life for me, and that is one thing I feel really strongly about. I’m also vegan and try to do whatever I can to support and help the cause, I also love music, writing, performing, and recording music.

Which celebrity, Living or dead would you kill to work with on a film?
An actress I’d love to work with is Nicole Kidman, or Goldie Hawn. I love them and would kill to work with them.

What can horror fans look forward to from you next?
There is a lot a lot! Next up for me is “Disciples” and “Bloodstruck” will be out soon. “Bloodwings” will also be getting finished. There’s “Caesar and Otto’s Christmas” which is going to festivals, “1313: Cougar Cult” is in currently in Redbox for rent, and for sale. Also they’re re releasing “The Girl I Want,” “Murder Weapon,” “Deadly Embrace,” and “Nightmare Sisters.” There’s also “The Horror Workout” and the great documentary “Screaming in High Heels: The Rise & Fall of the Scream Queen Era.” I might have more coming up, so wait for it!

Any last words for fans reading this interview?
I love each and every one of you. Thanks for tuning in, and being there for me. I hope I’m there for you. Also remember, animals have rights too, and they should have a lot more. Thanks so much, and happy Halloween to you! All my love and screams, Linnea!