Girls and Corpses: Volume 6 [Magazine]

iZ39kCgFor folks who like sex and grue wrapped up in a gory little bow, “Girls and Corpses” is surely to whet your appetite. “Girls and Corpses” is an entertaining horror magazine that spotlights the obscure corners of the horror world while allowing readers their own fantasies in the process. There’s spreads on facial make up that results in a grotesque gallery of facial rotting, old pictorials of women posing with skeletons and cadavers, explorations of mechanical art, as well as digital art, and a heavy emphasis on horror photography that explores taboo sexual practices.

My favorite was Graveyard Lovers. The photography is really the draw for this entertaining magazine as Volume 6 centers on the stars of horror with incredible results. They even make Scout Taylor Compton look incredible in her magazine photo shoot, and normally I’m far from a fan of hers. As a deadly stewardess, she poses with the great Sig Haig who proves once again how lucky he is.

There’s also a really entertaining advice column from Susan Block who gives horror fans sex advice, and there’s also a comprehensive interview with Laurence Harvey, the star of “Human Centipede 2.” Along with excellent photo spreads of Girls and Corpses models, there’s an interview with Joel M. Reed, as well as a spotlight on director Jon Gulager, director of “Piranha 3DD.” My favorite aspect of the magazine is the extensive interview with master make up artist Rick Baker, who sheds the light on the world of filmmaking and his experiences. “Girls and Corpses” is a great and fascinating looks at the more obscure corners of the horror world, and it’s a damn good read.