Are All Men Pedophiles? (2012)

If director Jan-Willem Breure’s documentary “Are All Men Pedohiles?” ever gets a wider distribution deal, it definitely needs a new title. The title of the film posits the film as a thesis about the potential for all men to be pedophiles in the making. In reality, Breure’s film is really about pedophilia as a while and what it means to be one and to identify one. The title makes the assertion that it tackles the potential for all men to be pedophiles, when Breure interviews all kinds of subjects about pedophilia. He even interviews female pedophiles during the mid-point of the movie. So while the title does in a sense tackle the theory that any attraction to children can be deemed as pedophilia, Breure offers the example that men and women can be pedophiles and have sexual attraction to children of all ages, hence the title is really a misnomer of a sorts.

Bruer is bold enough to interviews various subjects (with pure anonymity) about their sexual confrontations with young children, and their desires for prepubescent boys and girls, all the while trying to explore how normal they can be beyond their sexual cravings. Many viewers will be quick to write this film off as a documentary trying to give exception to the volatile topic of pedophilia, but “Are All Men Pedophiles?” clears up many foggy subsets of pedophilia, as well as exploring how society may never fully pin down pedophilia. So many regions and countries have their own ages of consent and ideas of what can be classified as pedophilia or be given exceptions, so during this time pedophilia may be a volatile bit of societal hysteria for a very long time. At some point, a female scientist explains, it may just be accepted like homosexuality. Homosexuals may find that parallel disgusting and offensive, but “Are All Men Pedophiles?” is not about skirting the issues and pulling the punches. It explores all sides of the issue of pedophilia, trace the source of pedophilia back to the ancient Roman days where male soldiers had sexual relationships with small boys, and completely maps out every sub-set of pedophilia from through different grids of age ranges.

If you’re open minded and want to gain a larger understanding of this issue that continues to divide the world, Breur’s film is one that can definitely offer up some brain candy for its audience. You may not agree with anything that’s shown, but the film raises some provocative questions. Sadly it has no real answers. It props up many theories and hypotheses, but there’s never a definitive answer. What causes pedophilia? Are pedophiles less than human? What triggers attractions to children? Why is society obsessed with youth? If being attracted to a male or female of a prepubescent state is instinctual, should we accept it more?

If it’s nature speaking, shouldn’t we consider defining the age range with a steeper limit? Do children possess the mental faculties to decide what arouses them or what they feel? Should there be a definition for children that initiate relationships with adults sexual or romantic? “Are All Men Pedophiles?” is regardless an unflinching and very bold documentary that will intrigue more curious viewers, and may not appeal to viewers who still view pedophilia as an inarguably despicable and vicious crime. Director Jan-Willem Breure’s is definitely going to push buttons with audiences that still consider pedophilia an offense beyond reasoning with, but it’s surely not the most controversial film ever made, as its website brands it. “Are All Men Pedophiles?” is a provocative and fascinating film, and one that warrants some discussion among sociologists alike.

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