Family Movie Favorites – 12 Movie Collection (DVD)

Mill Creek delivers a dozen family friendly films for anyone looking to wile away a weekend on light G rated television movie fare, for a low price. “The Best Bad Thing” features George Takei about a young girl named Rinko who discovers the nature of her Japanese heritage during the depression. Never quite feeling American or Japanese enough, she learns about her culture and comes of age and her culture. “Bonjour Timothy” about a young boy named Timothy who is tasked with hosting a foreign exchange student named Michael.

When Michael actually turns out to be an attractive girl, Timothy vies for her affection, along with other boys. “Both Sides of the Law” centers on two twelve year old boys from the inner city who have to pick the paths of their lives, one leading to crime, while the other leads to a law abiding fate. As both grow apart, they slowly become bitter enemies.

“Clown White” stars Saul Rubinek and Michael Ironside in a story about a mime who befriends a deaf child who strays from a class field trip. When the two decide to trek back home, they form a unique friendship. “Heart – The Marilyn Bell Story” is the dramatic true story about Marilyn Dilascio a Canadian Swimmer who became the first person to swim across Lake Ontario. “Million Dollar Babies” Parts 1 and 2 star Beau Bridges and Rou Dupuis chronicles the lives of the famous Quints from the Great Depression, all of whom were born two months premature and became national celebrities.

“Revenge of the Land” Parts 1 and 2 chronicle the ill fated love affair between a servant and the son of a vicious tycoon named Hawke. “Sally Marshall is Not an Alien” centers on a young girl named Pip who is forced in to a bet by the school bully to prove that her next door neighbors and their daughter Sally are not aliens. What she discovers is that they are unique in ways she never imagined. “The Secret Garden” is yet another adaptation of the iconic book about a young Orphan girl who unlocks an entire magical garden in her room thanks to a sacred key, allowing her to escape her living situation with odd family. Finally, there’s “The Whole of the Moon” about two teenagers with Terminal Cancer who become friends in a hospital and decide to see the best and most of life before they die.

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