The Vampire Lovers (1970) [Blu-ray]

The goddess Ingrid Pitt roams the European Countryside spreading lesbianism–er–vampirism to hapless farms and mansions as the dreaded Mircalla. Pitt is at her absolute sexiest in one of the most erotic Hammer films ever made. Pitt stars as the buxom and desirable Mircalla who masquerades as damsels and maidens thanks to her handler. Left at the manors of her hosts for weekends, she insinuates herself in to the family, and eventually seduces the innocent taut daughters of the owners of the house, engaging in affairs, eventually transforming them in to her own vampiric minions. Pitt absolutely glows on screen as the irresistible Mircalla who worms her way in to households across the countryside, and takes every chance to romance young daughters whose lives are filled with monotony and suppression.

Her second time around she plays the role of Carmilla, a young countess who stays over the house of the local lord. Taking a liking to his young daughter Emma, the pair become quick friends and eventually lovers. Pitt is an unstoppable bombshell whose sexuality seeps in to every frame she steps in to. She’s gorgeous and doesn’t mind flaunting her figure to get whatever she wants from her innocent victims. Though the sex is implied, there is much raw nudity, including from Pitt who bathes on camera and runs around in the buff. Pitt is the soul of the film, who bewitches every person she comes across, and is intent on bringing Emma to her castle. Especially when Emma stops becoming another victim and soon becomes someone she finds affection for. Peter Cushing has a small supporting role as a grieving lord who lost his daughter to Mircalla’s deadly sex games, and forms a band of grieving fathers hoping to find Mircalla and put an end to her reign before she murders Emma.

With their phallic stakes in hand, they seek out the remainder of Mircalla’s royal family of vampires to snuff out their bloodline once and for all. It’s implied that the clan of vampires sent the women to entice the girls, while it’s likely the male vamps seduced younger men and sucked them in their sleep. Sucked their blood, pervert. So in the end, it takes religious elders to bring down the evil vampiric gay clan before they turn all the youths of Europe in to their own kind. That said, “The Vampire Lovers” is a moderately entertaining vampire thriller, and one that’s watchable for the purpose of basking in the buxom beauty of Ingrid Pitt. She is otherworldly.

Scream! Factory gives the Hammer picture a wonderful treatment with excellent sound and pictures, and a bevvy of features. The centerpiece is the Commentary with Director Roy Ward Baker, Ingrid Pitt, and Screenwriter Tudor Gates. The trio discuss British filmmaking, why they wanted to adapt “The Vampire Lovers” original novella, and assorted fascinating behind the scenes anecdotes. As well, there’s the ten minute “Feminine Fantastique” exploring how the film adapted the original novella and how the film differs from the source material. There’s also the twelve minute “Reading of “Carmilla” by Ingrid Pitt” where the lovely Pitt read the original short story set to stills of the film. There’s the twenty minute “Madeline Smith: Vampire Lover!” an interview with actress Madeline Smith. And finally there’s a photo gallery, the theatrical trailer, and the radio spot.

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