Holliston: Season 2, Episode 1

You could reasonably make the assertion that I’ve rooted for “Holliston” to stink. And you wouldn’t be that far off. I didn’t root for it to stink, but I was never an ardent supporter of it from out the gates because I simply had nothing to gain from it. “Holliston” is still a vanity project and is still a bit odd, but thankfully the show has gotten better.

“Holliston” is working for the horror fans and focusing on being a sitcom for horror geeks. So there are horror references aplenty, including an opening scene that’s gory and funny. I couldn’t believe I found myself giggling through most of the season premiere of season two where as most of season one left me waiting for the episodes to end mercifully.

Season one didn’t pick up until the finale, and the writers seemed to really get a grasp on the premise and show in the Christmas special. The season two premiere is a lot more clever than the show once was, and in effect it’s much more entertaining. Laura Ortiz and Corri English are still painfully hot, and Adam and Joe are still best friends looking to fund their film “Shin Pads.” Things go awry when their local station is on the verge of closing down, so they’re forced to change things up. For one: their commercials have to “suck less,” and their horror movie show has to now begin featuring romantic comedies. You wouldn’t think that second joke would be funny, but it works well.

I hope it becomes a consistent running gag. The premiere features a guest spot from Kane Hodder, who is now on suicide watch after finding out he was not cast as Jason in “Freddy vs. Jason.” Despite being years too late, Hodder is now on the verge of committing suicide, but Joe and Adam want to break him out of the hospital so they can convince him to star in “Shin Pads.” The plot is surprisingly funny, especially with Hodder’s knack for abusing the pair of filmmakers. I also found it hysterical Hodder became violent any time anyone mentioned “Freddy vs. Jason.”

Shocking enough, Joe has a hard time not mentioning it. Dee Snider is still a grating over actor as the local television station manager, but that said, the rest of the cast really pick up the pace and keep the premiere consistently entertaining. “Holliston” still has moments of self-awareness but it’s not as irritating and forced as it was in season one. The show has thankfully improved its writing and comedy, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I also look forward to the upcoming guest spots from Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, David Naughton, James Gunn, and the adorable Bailee Madison.

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