Some Girl(s) (2013)

“Some Girl(s)” is trademark Neil Labute. It’s a cynical, unforgiving, and mean little gem, and I absolutely loved it. Adam Brody disappears in to the role of a young man who is one of the most lecherous individuals ever conceived by Labute. He’s despicable, uncompromising worm who takes it upon himself to go on a journey. After being published in a major magazine for recalling the most important affairs he’s had in his life, he decides to visit his old flames and ex-lovers one last time before he gets married. You assume he’d be filled with guilt, and absolute regret, but for the most part, “Some Girl(s)” views this womanizing schmuck as a man consistently dodging responsibility.

He is often shocked and taken aback when he learns the women he hurt hate him, he insists on being treated kindly in spite of their anger, and then spends a majority of the time making them feel guilty for his cowardice. What’s worse is we discover his years of hurting women have granted him success and a potentially fulfilling marriage. And to top if off, he’s now a writer, thus his intentions are never noble. Writer Labute provides us with his usual formula for some of his best human dramas. We have the weak and we have the predators, and Brody is fantastic as the predator who is filled with complexities and self-denial that make him all the more infuriating to watch. Every girl he meets is a woman he’s damaged, and he can barely muster up a frown, half of the time. Why does he need this mission? Does he want these women to forgive him? Is he looking for new material for his book?

Is he hoping to find someone better than his wife? Does he want to discover that he was of big importance to prove to himself that he is indeed the special individual he posits himself as? Probably all of the above, and so much more. Based on Neil Labute’s play, “Some Girl(s)” is set primarily in various hotel rooms with limited scenery, and provides audiences with a slew of wonderful actresses, all of whom convey some sense of anger and frustration. Brody as the main character is a selfish and often times self-aggrandizing character who barely has much of a conscience, even when speaking about remaining faithful to his wife. He’s not so much guilty of hurting these women, but annoyed that he feels a sense of guilt.

He becomes even more agitated when they’re less empathetic and are more than happy to help him admit that he’s been nothing but a retch to them. The women themselves are flawed and weak individuals, and that’s what he essentially preys on. Even when he’s admitting to fault and begging for forgiveness, he’s still just putting on a show and attempting to woo these women. All for the sake of preventing anything from ruining his promising future, and not so much for clearing his mind about the people he’s wounded. The stand out performances among the ensemble of actresses is Zoe Kazan, who plays an awkward girl who was seduced by him at a very young age, and attempts to make him realize how much he ruined her potential for solid relationships. “Some Girl(s)” is a great little drama and one that speaks a lot about the types of people Adam Brody depicts, and how they never change. Worst of all, they’ll be just fine in a world filled with vulnerable people seeking some form affection.

Available on Vimeo On Demand, and In Theaters Nationwide June 28th.