21st Century Barry (2013)

Who among us hasn’t been there? We buy a new computer part, we begin hooking it up, and for some reason the back of our desk has become the amazon filled with a slew of rubber wires that look like vines. But really, who wants to spend all their time sorting wires and color coding them? I sure don’t.

The great Lloyd Kaufman plays Barry, a man who has just bought a new computer, and has the unfortunate task of hooking it up. Upon venturing in to the back of his computer to mess with the wires and boldly set up the wires, he is surprised to discover there is a lone wire hiding from his grasp, and it isn’t intent on being plugged in anytime soon.

“21st Century Barry” is a really funny and short look at the dread that arises from having to venture through a jungle of wires just to use technology, and it’s worth the watch for fans of dark comedy. David Ferino pulls off the misdirection with flying colors, and edits the film with sheer precision making the computer wires a valid horror threat. I have to say, it’s a fun interlude for Mr. Kaufman.