Pulse-Pounding Flicks – 8 Intense Features (DVD)

The Pulse Pounding Features from Mill Creek Entertainment offers up an eight movie set for the respective action buff looking to save a few bucks. This set features the extended cut of “The Replacement Killers” starring Mira Sorvnio and Chow Yun Fat as a retired hitman looking to flee to his home in China who is then hunted by other assassins.

“Truth or Consequences N.M.” stars Keifer Sutherland as a hostage kidnapped by four drug dealers who gains a fascination for their crime spree and begins putting his family in danger. “Love Lies Bleeding” centers on a down on their luck couple that stumble upon a load of cash after a violent shoot out in their building. When they flee with the money, they’re hunted by a crooked DEA Agent, and a detective intent on seizing the money for authorities.

“The Point Men” stars Christopher Lamber as an Israeli Secret Agent investigating the systematic murders of his group of agents who botched a plan to capture an Israel terrorist. “The Contractor” stars Wesley Snipes as an ex-CIA Agent set up by his boss when he’s assigned to take down a terrorist; Lena Headey co-stars. “Face of Terror” stars Ricky Schroeder as an American cop who goes to Barcelona to investigate the disappearance of his sister who sought a modeling career. He soon learns she may be one of many girls being used as human bombs.

“Blood Crime” stars James Caan and Jonathan Schaech in this dramatic thriller about a vicious attack, and framed criminals that end up in a vicious bid of revenge for all parties. “The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point” is the sequel to “The Hunt for Eagle One” where Mark Dacascos returns as Matt Daniels, who has to re-claim an anti-hijacking device from terrorists who plan to crash their plane in to an airbase in Southeast Asia. Now it’s up to Matt and his team to take down the terrorist cell and bring back the device before a new attack is carried out.

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